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Memeing through – all over once more…

For ABC Wednesday’s letter of the week V, I have two very different women writers today (one with her first name starting with V and the
second with her last name starting with V – But that is not the difference I am talking about!)

Mahadevi Varma – a woman who made it in a list of 50 most illustrious women in India – a multi-talented personality –  Wikipedia states her occupation as ‘Writer, Poet, Freedom Fighter, Woman’s Activist, Educationist’. Her poems and stories are included in textbooks across India so children grow up reading her writings.  (like I did, which is how I first knew her and admired her as a child).
Victoria Holt – another author of romances that I enjoy reading.
 For Haiku Heights: Ripple
bright, cheerful smile
Led to miles of happiness
Across the glum room.
-vidya tiru/ladyinread

For Haiku Heights:Chivalry/ 3WW: evil chuckle serrated

evil chuckle
Like a knife’s serrated edge
Knight by name, but knave.
I see chivalry
The door held open for me
held open patiently.
Stalled car on freeway
Cops pull aside to offer
Kids  cool space – hot day
-vidya tiru/ladyinread

For Thursday 13, Alphabe Thursday Letter D – my random list of thirteen Ds

  1. Daughter
  2. Dad
  3. Dreams
  4. Destinations
  5. Dear, darling, delightful
  6. Dessert
  7. Dragonfruit
  8. Want a date? – I mean the one that grows on trees:)
  9. Dysania dromestoners dop dontopedalogy dittology didact dextroduction deosculate daw – Check out ‘The Phrontistery’ for the
    meanings of these unusual words
  10. Defenestration
  11. dVerse – Thank you dVerse for this wonderful community of friends, poets, and for introducing me great new forms of poetry.
  12. Daisies, daffodils, and dandelions – make me smile, yes – all of them do..
  13. Don’t know what else to add for D:)
For Theme Thursdays (Destinations)
many favorite destinations to visit;
Oh! The places we can go!
I can travel right where I sit
With my nose in book or two
So many places to see
Across the world, and in fantasy
Destinations that truly
Make me wish, that is where I could be..
-vidya tiru/ladyinread


 For dVerse Form for All: Rondelet
fie fo fum

Tickle monster is here to stay
Fee fie fo fum
Giggles chuckles surely will

She ponders – underarms? Or may
be the soles of your feet to

Fee fie fo fum.
-vidya tiru/ladyinread


For dVerse Form for All: Rondelet and Friday 55

Summer is here now
wonder filled time of no school, warm, lazy, fun
is here. Now
is sprinkler rains, to climb all trees, to squeal lou-
than my friends, to scheme, to dream, to make a ton
ideas; oh! To read books too; Dear one,
is here now.


-vidya tiru/ladyinread

For Friday 56 and Book Beginnings: I have lines from this darling book I read recently – ‘Darling Cher doesn’t Care‘ by Tal la Vie. Tal approached me to read the Cher series of books and I have read them all now. Love the rhymes and the illustrations and will post a review of each book next week. For now, lines one and 56 from the first book.

Also, check out promotions Tal is offering for all her readers for the books – free book offers and summer promotions – for more details, you can check out the author site here.

For Book Beginnings:
‘Once upon a bat and a pirate teddy bear’

For Friday 56
‘she stared at Cher, and thus replied:’

22 thoughts on “Memeing through – all over once more…

  1. ha. i like the second rondelet…that is about our summer so far…the boys have to read an hour a day…with a whole lot of adventure in between…and climbing trees and the spinklers for sure…and the tickle monster def stops at our place…smiles.

  2. I quote:
    So many places to see
    Across the world, and in fantasy
    Destinations that truly
    Make me wish, that is where I could be..

    Great D post, and thanks for visiting my South Africa blog. Call again and travel some more! Liz

  3. I think you have just written about why I love to read books so much. I think that is the only way one can travel to so many places without actually leaving your house. So many times it feels as if you are truly there and you can close your eyes and see everything around you. And I love to do the tickling but hate to be tickled. It drives me crazy.

    Thanks for sharing such wondering poems and stories with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope you have a fun weekend and get to read a book or two.

    God bless.

  4. I love all of the different "D" words you displayed!

    I actually had to look up the definition of one… I am not going to say which one though… ((winkwink)))

    Darling post!

    Thanks for linking.


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