Memes….for this Sunday..

Just when I thought the flu was behind me and was waving good bye to it last Monday, I did not look ahead and when I turned forward,  it was right there – the flu. Now finally over the flu and getting the very last bits of it (looking all around to make sure:)), I am back…
This week was lost in nothingness mostly but we were able to end it over the weekend with a wonderful trip with my son’s scout pack – an overnight trip on the USS Hornet – docked right here in Alameda – it was a fun time for mom and son and the zillions of other scouts and families there too..  Will write more about it soon..

For Sunday Whirl, Magpie Tales:, One Single Impression (word:Smile), Sunday Scribblings (word: Possible) (I tried to continue on last week’s take of Magpie and Whirl here. not sure if I did justice but will blame it on the whole week of flu! 🙂

The war cry was heard today, by a man with naught a care
He then recalled the ancient story of this valiant ancestor –
His heart ripped to shards by a beautiful face, a foolish
He searched high and low, and there they were,
Three sisters, from the line of that cheating temptress
The charming rogue, that trickster
Whispering sweet nothings
Urges the oldest of the sisters
Against her other siblings
She, having been scalded by sweet words before,
Was older and wiser, had the knack to resist his lure.
He moved on, sister number two, all the way across the world
was she,
As he wondered why they had to be scattered so far away
And ate some strange-smelling exotic soup, his face turned
Rushed to the local infirmary and indisposed for the rest of
the stay
When he returned, sister number two – she was gone, vanished in thin air;
Seems some instinct had warned her, Beware!
Ah! There was still the youngest one, he had one more try
He could yet answer his ancestor’s war cry
But when he saw her, lying in a sweet dream, totally
Wrapped in a cocoon of black and white,
He felt an odd skip in his heart; his mouth broke out into a
He forgot why he was here, and stood enraptured for a while.
Was it possible? Totally! Yes, he had his first crush!
 For Succinctly Yours (image here and word: bluster)

“Hey! You hear, the dentist is coming in today. Wonder why?”
blustered Brownie (not named for his coat of brown)
The princess loved to ride in the blustery wind. Not today,
hoped Brownie, he wanted to sit in the cozy shed and sip some hot chocolate.


7 thoughts on “Memes….for this Sunday..

  1. Hahahaha….."not named for his coat of brown." That cracked me up. I'm with Brownie on cold blustery days–stay in and have some hot chocolate!

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