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A year of resolutions a month late(r)! – 52 Weeks, 52 things

I had planned to have this list of 52 items as one for each week – I was planning to pick one each week and cross it off. But my list (which was actually tough to come up with) ended up a little different.
Some of them are more like daily goals – like the starting a two sentence journal one. I guess I can cross it off once I have done it every day for a week but hopefully, I can and I will make those items permanent habits. Then there are
those that might take more than a week to accomplish and others that might and will take just a few hours or a day or two to complete. That is OK, the point is to have a list of sorts to work on; and in the process, though I have not
made any resolutions like losing weight or reading x number of books, I might actually meet these unmade resolutions 🙂
Also, many of the goals are personal ones so I can work on them myself and not bother others with my list of goals or items to accomplish!So, is this doable? I hope so..Anything similar in your list of to-dos??

  1. Write a letter (yes, the handwritten type) to someone
  2. Take a photo walk every day of the week
  3. Climb a tree
  4. Be a tourist in your city – visit a tourist spot you have heard of but never visited yet
  5. Picnic in the park
  6. Watch a sunrise or a sunset or both. Just watch it.
  7. Write a note to let someone know how much you appreciate what they do
  8. Jump rope with your kids – fun, quality time with your kids and you get to burn those calories you have been meaning to anyway!
  9. Learn one new artistic skill (for myself, planning to learn how to zentangle!)
  10. Spend an afternoon making crafts
  11. Start a two-line journal. Write two lines that highlight each day. (starting today)
  12. Go to a concert with your kids – one they will enjoy – you know, the ones where they can roar and shake it off!
  13. Volunteer – at the soup kitchen, a senior center or some other place
  14. Compliment a stranger  – be genuine about it.
  15. Go to a museum – alone – and have fun.
  16. Avoid caffeine for a week
  17. Learn how to say thank you, hello, please, sorry, and more popular phrases as well as the numbers 1-10 in two different languages
  18. Memorize a poem or a speech(for fun,  pick one additional one in a language you do not know and learn the meaning as well)
  19. No-tech week (blogging can be avoided if I actually write and schedule posts ahead of time) – this means no TV for entertainment and no phones or computers after work is done. Use this time instead for family board-game nights every night of the week
  20. Try geocaching
  21. Try letterboxing
  22. Learn a dance routine
  23. Donate to a charity
  24. Read a biography
  25. No sugar for a week
  26. Watch one Oscar winning feature film
  27. Take a photograph, something print worthy – and print and display it
  28. Put on a play with the kids – no audience needed
  29. Go to bed before 11 pm every night for a week
  30. Try one new recipe each night for a week – 7 recipes in all
  31. Try one new cuisine (new for you – maybe Ethiopian?)
  32. Make a photo book – pick an event or a year or ..
  33. Get in touch with an old friend
  34. Attend a local art festival
  35. Visit the farmers market (rather than one week, we should make this once a week!)
  36. Take public transportation only and make a trip of it with your family
  37. Start a meme
  38. Try a new look
  39. Attend an outdoor music festival (maybe the Stern Grove one in the city?)
  40. Fruit picking
  41. Join a 5K walk for charity
  42. Clean and organize week – pick the room(s) you want and make sure that you only have what you absolutely need in that room at the end of the week (and repeat the process!)
  43. Interview a local celebrity (or non-celebrity who deserves to be one) and post on social media(blog/other)
  44. Write about a cause I believe strongly in
  45. Pay it forward – by paying for the person behind you in a line at the tollbooth or the coffee shop or elsewhere
  46. Go birdwatching
  47. Light a fire without matches or a lighter
  48. Join the 500 words challenge for a week
  49. Create an audio book of a family favorite with your family
  50. Touch my toes
  51. Learn how to use my camera
  52. Make another 52 list once I cross off all the others

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