My Friday post as the quest still persists..

Friday – I am sure it is an almost universal favorite day of the week! Our week has been unusually busy – busier than most of our normal busy weeks – and so Friday night has been especially welcome. As we returned home from the kids’ after-school’s annual cultural extragavanza, where the kids entertained, and all of us had fun and food, Friday evening brought with it an additional dose of relief. Now the kids look forward to a long weekend (not us parents though) while I wonder how to occupy the kids on Monday when we need to work.

But, right now it is still Friday and almost the end of it, so have to get this post completed sooner than later. So here are my entries for Book Beginnings: and Friday
from the same book.

For Book Beginnings: from Journeys on the Silk Road
“For nearly a thousand years two attendants waited, sealed from the world in a hand-carved cave, while the sands of the great Gobi Desert crept forward.”

For Friday 56, from Journeys on the Silk Road
“The number of beads was reduced from the traditional 108 to 100 so the surveyors could easily count their steps. they kept their tally on tiny paper scrolls which they hid inside the hollow paper wheels, some of which also contained compasses. James Bond’s Q could hardly have developed a more ingenious solution.”

I am enjoying this read much more than I thought I would and eager to review it as well, so please look forward to my review of this unexpected treasure of a book soon. (I said that it would be next Wednesday in an earlier post but the review post that I expected to post this Wednesday did not make it through the highway from my brain to this blog, so expect a delay!)

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