Super Saturday – Life….

Six Word Saturday
Raingutter Regatta, cultural event, Soccer game.

These six words sum up this week – at least by being the highlights
of a super busy week.  The Raingutter Regatta – one of the most
looked-forward to events of the year for all the scouts in our cub scout
pack – was on Thursday. My DS won both qualifying rounds but did not
make it in the semifinals – he was still pretty proud though (as were
we) since the boat was completely his effort this time.

This was followed by an annual cultural event at the kids’ afterschool and finally, the last soccer game of the season
which ended a all winning spree for our team. The kids were jubilant as
we celebrated post-game with pizza and they were exultant when they got
their trophies.

All in all, a wonderful though busy week.

This week reminded me of a wonderful line I heard in a movie, which I found by chance of it being in my recommended for you list on Netflix – ‘The Shunning’ – and which I learned is from an equally wonderful series of books by Beverly Lewis (I plan to get to reading them soon). So, for this week’s Quote It over at Freda’s blog, here is that line from the book/movie – The Shunning.

“The miracle ain’t the life you missed, but the life you have got.”
–  Beverly Lewis

The photo below from our Raingutter Regatta event goes to Saturday Snapshot – my favorite photo meme! 

12 thoughts on “Super Saturday – Life….

  1. We love Raingutter Regatta time too! 🙂 My son still has his sitting proudly on the dining room table even though it's been over a month since we raced ours. (I really should have him move it to his room soon.)

  2. Excuse my ignorance, but what is a Raingutter Regatta? Is it like our duck races, but with those beautiful little boats? And do they drift along on the current, or are they remote controlled in some way? They look so beautiful with their bold colours and the sails billowing out as if they are in the wind. My Snapshot is at http://goo.gl/CQuKI

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