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My Most Wonderful Bookish Memories

Nostalgia! Memory lane! Ebullient echoes of the past! However I label it, I do have many cherished bookish memories, both from the distant and the recent past. I also know that books will continue to be part of future treasured moments. What about you? This week’s theme over at ThatArtsyReaderGirl is, well, of course bookish memories so that is what I bring you today. I had done a bookish memories post earlier (realized it towards the end of writing this post) so there is some overlap but I decided to keep this as it anyways

Bookish Memories

Of Reading

Reading to my brother. This particular one is not my own memory but borrowed from my parents as they regale others with the stories of how I told/read stories to my little brother!

And my son reading to my daughter! <3 <3 <3 What more can I say? This pic is from ages ago (my son is a college freshman this year!)

Of Travel and Books and Parents and Grandparents

Train trips anywhere as a child (and trips today whatever the mode finds me in the bookstore before boarding the plane, train, or automobile!) My dad always bought me books from the ever-present book stalls at railway stations, at the one where we boarded, changed trains, and where we landed! I always picked up a whole set of random books, magazines, and comics; and my dad never said no!

Chennai Railway Station via Pixabay

Trips to Higginbothams on Mount Road in Madras (current day Chennai)

Discovering the local second hand bookstores and lending libraries during the few weeks of summer vacation while visiting relatives.

Of Books and Gifts

Books as gifts from people I did not expect to give me books! Let me explain that first statement. Most people who get to know me (even briefly) will learn very soon of my love for reading and books. It has been the same with my colleagues at each place I worked.

However, I don’t expect gifts from colleagues except during zany gift exchanges 🙂 Which is why these gifts of books surprised and delighted me, and totally warmed my heart. The first one –The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar – introduced me to Roald Dahl, and I thank this colleague of mine whenever I recall this book! The next one was the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy from my colleagues and my lunch group at my first job here in the US over two decades ago. We were definitely one of the most diverse groups at the cafetaria and I loved being a part of the same. And I love that despite the fact that we have all moved away to other things in life, we have stayed in touch even today.

& Of the Rest Of It

Trying to start my own lending library as a tween (and well, failing at it!); but it was fun while it lasted! I talk about it in my previous bookish memories post as well

The Nava Karnataka book fairs in the neighboring town when I was growing up. I got my first glimpse into Vasilisa and Ivan at this fair.

Watching the movies. Well, five specific books-to-movies stand out in my memory. First, The Jungle Book. I watched it as a little girl and this is one of those that brings back a photographic image of me holding my dad’s hand as we walked to the theater. Then, watching Gone With the Wind as a teen; I actually got my copy of the book out and followed along as the movie played – it was on TV!! Next up is the first Harry Potter movie at one of the movie theaters in San Francisco. And everything about that show was great; right from the Diagon Alley feel of the movie theater (specially set up) as well as the gift bags of Bertie Botts beans handed out to everyone along with a cool Hagrid toy!! Last but not least was watching Life of Pi and Coraline (the 3-D version!!) with my family at the movies

Last but not the least, all the interactions with others who love books via my blog and social media!

And Now, the End of This Bookish Memories Post

Dear reader, what are your cherished bookish memories? Which books trigger those joyous journeys down memory lane for you?

11 thoughts on “My Most Wonderful Bookish Memories

  1. My mother was odd about reading, she thought fiction was a waste of time and expected me to read the Bible or study my textbooks. Of course, with my rebellious spirit, that just wouldn’t do. I snuck around and read Nancy Drew and my friends’ books at school or under the covers with a flashlight. I will always remember stumbling upon Narnia – it was eye-opening.

  2. Reading was encouraged in my home. However, my mom wouldn’t let me touch her Mills and Boons stating there were too mature for me. What she didn’t know was whenever she was at work, and I am home for the holidays I would sneak and read them. Looking back now those were tame compared to the current romances.

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