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My Mother’s Day Post – A Look into the History

Flowers from the garden, a hand-made painting especially for me, and a new top, plus the breakfast made for me with lots of love by the dd combination (dad and daughter) – all this made it a wonderful Mother’s Day for me (and a memory here).. and while the gifts are an add-on for special occasions like this, breakfasts and flowers make their way to me many times, thanks to my loving family. And my son, you wonder? Well, he is my chore-man!! And he does it without complaining as well. So what more can a mom ask for?

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other similar celebrations have caught on in India (and maybe other countries as well) over the past couple of decades or so. Growing up in India, as a child and even as a teenager, I do not recall seeing any such celebrations – and while we did celebrate family through different festivals of our own, these versions of the celebrations are more recent, and I think the very first of those that made its way to the local Archie’s greeting card store was for Valentine’s Day. The rest of them soon followed. And the cards, the gifts, the teddy bears, the flowers all ensured a level of success for them 🙂



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