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AtoZ Challenge Reflections

Reflection A to Z Challenge

This was my second year participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge and a many-time-repeater of the Ultimate Blog Challenge; and it has been a fun one again (my Reflections post from last year is here..)

For this year, without further ado, here are my AtoZ Challenge Reflections (and on blogging in general) from my perspective (both the positives and the negatives):

  • Audience: I did have an amazing audience that actually read my posts and that matters! An audience that is involved is so wonderful to have…. so thank you all, dear readers, for that and hoping the road trip down the road (!) connects me to a wider audience.
  • Be You always: In your posts, in your comments on other blogs, in your interactions with people commenting on your posts. Being me is where I am most comfortable, and readers will recognize that…
  • Comment, don’t Compare: I managed to comment on quite a few different blogs (some I visited many times just because…, while I also tried to comment on a few new blogs each time I went on a commenting spree. While you comment on other blogs, remember not to compare yourself (goes back to the Be You statement earlier).
  • Discovery : Discovered many new ones in the process while reconnecting with bloggers from earlier challenges as well.. and this is always a pleasure.
  • Every letter found its way into my blog posts!  Not every day since I was traveling and had to tend to family matters (and family does matter!) for a while… But – every letter was there..
  • Fun! It was fun, period..
  • Glad that I participated in it (well, could not come up with anything else as I reflected here so glad it is)
  • Have a whole bunch of new ideas floating about in my brain now as I explored other blogs – so thank you to the community overall!!!
  • Interacting with other bloggers, reading their comments on my blog, commenting on theirs – this is one really enjoyable part of the challenge; and I hope to continue this as part of the
  • Just Keep Writing…(and did you see how I got both J and K right here!)
  • Love what you are doing and that will reflect in your posts
  • Make a Note of what inspires you (in this challenge, it was other blogs and bloggers) and return to it for continued inspiration
  • Be Nice in your comments; and that is totally true with the community here – everyone has been nothing but nice!
  • Optimism Helps! I many times feel like the spider in King Arthur’s tale – but try, try, and try again (or keep at it), and you will succeed.. so here I am trying to make it big and trying to stay optimistic about it, and once again, all the bloggers I read inspire me to keep at it..
  • Remember, all work and no Play makes Jack a dull boy; and that is true for us bloggers too. So I did take breaks when I could not continue staring at the blank screen any longer and that playtime with my family surely worked wonders
  • Reflect back on what works, reminisce on and repeat the positives , and remember not to repeat the negatives
  • Quality and Quantity are both important so find the right balance that works for you between them.
  • Smile as you write and that will translate into your post
  • Try something new
  • Provide something Unique (something yoU)  
  • Provide Value and you will have an audience that returns: The blogs that have the most active, involved, returning audience are the ones that provide value and I have inspiration in the form of so many blogs in the AtoZ and UBC blogging communities; as for myself, that is my goal – To provide increasing Value through my blog.
  • Work hard(er)
  • Make yourself an eXpert in at least one thing that you are passionate about.. I hope to get there soon with specific types of book related posts.
  • Believe in Yourself – You can do it. I managed (as did so many other AtoZers and UBCers) to complete the challenge and that means we can do more as well. So that thought keeps me going and hoping for that more as well…
  • Don’t forget to get your Zzzzzzs!

Q to the Reader: Which of the alphabet statements above rings most true for you here? And what is your favorite part of the challenge? Do let me know…


2 thoughts on “AtoZ Challenge Reflections

  1. I guess the best way to remark on this reflection is to use the Hebrew alphabet :-). I won’t bore you with 22 comments;just the abridged version of Alef and Taf (the first and last letters, of course.)
    Amen! (I’m guessing you know what that word means.)
    Toda! (That one means thanks!)

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