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My Thursday Post of memes…

For dVerse (Kyrielles this time), Theme Thursday (Faith),

Some more stories courtesy news
Shootings, inhuman acts, abuse
Amidst all this blatant violation
What do we base our faith on?
Call from school, lockdown mode today
Sign off your child; shooting on highway
Girl harassed, more such goings-on
What do we base our faith on?
Loving tributes, Acts of kindness,
Standing up for right, for goodness
Sweet proofs of love and compassion
This we can base our faith on.
– Vidya Tiru/LadyInRead

For Alphabe Thursday –  letter E and Thursday Thirteen (again):
Thirteen things I plan to do, starting this holiday season, some of them everyday and others every once in a while:

  1. Enjoy the moment
  2. Exercise every day – at least a walk
  3. Emphasize the good – every where and in every one
  4. Educate myself on one new thing – maybe learn something my kids are learning in school
  5. Entertain – invite family and friends over more often than I do now – nothing elaborate but just to hang out
  6. Encourage my kids – in everything they do – more than I do now..
  7. Excel – Improve something I already know and get better at it – I need to pick something:)
  8. Enable someone to achieve something – again, I will look out for the right opportunity to do this
  9. Learn to be more effective in all I say and do
  10. Learn to work more efficiently – there are days when I am totally disorganized and just keep doing things any which way and later realize that if I had just done it differently, would have been hugely better
  11. Be more enthusiastic, in general
  12. Pick one exciting thing I have not done yet (white water rafting for example) and Just Do It
  13. Take it easy if I cannot do all these:)

NaBloPoMo has this prompt for today
Do you think this thought by Samuel Goldwyn is true? “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

My answer to this: I am not too sure of this thought. When I read it first a few days ago, something did click in my brain and I said to myself – this is maybe true. But as I thought about it some more, I am not too sure I agree with it completely.

Granted, hard work is great, it is wonderful to be able to work hard, to have something to work hard for and to work hard at. But are hard work and luck related? Not sure on that. I agree that hard work does bring in its successes and achievements. There are days when I feel lucky – things seem to happen to me for no reason at all – and I take those at face value – I was lucky at those times – because for some of those things that happen, I have not done anything on my part at all – zero work involved except maybe being somewhere, with someone, at the right time.

On the other hand, I also know quite a few instances where I or someone close to me has worked really hard, and point to note, really well also – deserving of a lot, but did not get anything that was due to them after all that work. If the thought was true, this would not happen.
So the most I can say for hard work is – people do get something as a result of their hard work – more or less than they deserve. And Luck, is just luck..:)

Now that you have read my contributions for these memes, go ahead and check more great contributions by clicking on them – here are the links again, if you do not want to scroll up:
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17 thoughts on “My Thursday Post of memes…

  1. I do have one irrational faith: (perhaps like you): that love and compassion are worth aspiring to — especially because I expect no afterlife.

    Fantastic use of the form. And great message.

  2. i like the turn in the last bit…how we see ourselves beyond this…we live in rather dark times…all going on around the world…we need the love and light for sure….well done to form too…

  3. Wow, how do you tackle so many memes all at once? Enjoyed all the variety here, but loved how you gave an answer in your poem–it's incredibly difficult to come up with answers after tragedies like these, but thank you for sharing yours and keep spreading love and kindness 🙂

  4. Beautiful kyrielle…faith carries us through one door, hope keeps us holding on and it seems to me love is always the answer. I think you handled this so well here. Thank you and wishing you the best this holiday season.

  5. I like this poem and really like the last part of the poem, and if everyone had that thought to follow so faithfully then the world would definitely be a better place. Love and peace go hand in hand.

    I think I could try to do some of those 13 things myself but then I really need to get motivated and have my back fixed.

    Thank you for being so patient in my slowness to visit everyone. I am hoping that I am over the worst of it.

    God bless.

  6. An entire post filled with thought provoking and thoughtful words.

    You kind of spurred my inertia on here.

    I appreciate that.

    Any nudge in the right direction is a good one for the New Year!

    Thank you for linking!


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