My Wednesday Wish

I had a couple of reviews planned for today, thought of posting my Liebster award post as well, and of course, all my Wednesday memes. I even thought of more things I should write about.
But here I am, just having picked up my little ones – my son turns 10 today, or as he says, he is a decade old today:) – and all these posts I talked about are all kind of done, but not yet. Well, all that can come tomorrow or one other day of the week. So here is to spending time with them for the rest of the day.

And since it is his birthday, a post for ABC Wednesday’s letter of the week – W..and a simple wishing verse for Open Link Night at dVerse
Also for 3WW(echo, hardship, softly)

Wishing for a Wonderful Birthday
for my little one
Wishing for a World of Wisdom and Wonder
for each and every one.

Happy Birthday dear son
You are now at the magic age of ten. 
(Well, every age is magical –  
No matter what number;
Each day brings – grand and simple
Something new to discover)
As my voice softly echoes off the walls
I wish for the best for one and all.
Wishing that you grow into a man
I will be proud of each day –
Witty, Wise, Worthy and Warm.
(As you are already today!)
To enjoy life, to have the strength
to face any hardships that might come your way

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