My weekend post of memes

This week was a mid-year break for the kids and we had planned a whole lot for them but work took over and we watched time fly by as the weekend came by too soon. But thank god for snow over the week and for where we live, skiing spots are not too far away, so we bundled them up after a hurried shopping trip for gloves and such,, and drove down (well, actually up) to Donner Ski Ranch in Norden which is about 3 and a half hours drive from San Jose.

Donner is really the best skiing we have had so far – we are beginners still and have not done much skiing – it was the first time skiing for my little girl while the 10-year old has had a skiing lesson and done some skiing early last year. Donner was a great experience in every way – the staff, the ski lessons for the kids, the equipment rentals, the ski slopes themselves, the waits in every place, and last but not the least, even the restrooms!

The kids finally got a feel of holiday in this break with this hasty day trip and to top it all, they had to skip their normal Saturday classes (dance/swimming) so that increased that feeling of taking a break for them! Watching them learn and practice their moves was definitely the highlight of our week. Watching other little kids and adults – both novice and experienced – come down the slopes was an added experience. There was this little cherub in pink – could not have been more than six years old – who was a delight to watch – as she came backwards down the slope and performed trips for her mom who told me that her cherub was a daredevil, fearless!

For Six Word Saturday (6WS):

Watching kids skiing – so much fun!

For Saturday Snapshot: a ski shot.. as my son came to a stop near me..

For Quote It over at Freda’s where this week’s theme is ‘Hate’
“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.”
 Elie Wiesel quotes (Romanian born American Writer. Nobel Prize for Peace in 1986. b.1928)
For Sunday Whirldiscipline tears pieces fly
gazing heroic prophets patience stealing limits sublime moment, Magpie Tales – image of Venus de Milo with drawers, and  Imaginary Garden with Real Toads – 14 line poems

My tears stay inside, hidden, like secrets
I learned to discipline their flow
Learned not to let my emotions fly
But patience too has its limits.
There I was, gazing into heroic eyes, stealing looks
And storing away precious pieces of memory,
Treasuring moments – sublime yet magical, waiting
But patience too has its limits.
Prophets of yore once foretold
That you and me would be someday ‘we’
So I waited, storing memories, treasures and secrets
But patience too has its limits.
Now here I am, a memory in stone, no longer a beating heart
Nowhere to be found but in hidden memories in drawers.

For Succinctly Yours Word of the Week: xerophyte

121 characters with spaces

As prickly as a xerophye, women
during shopping sales trips

As tenacious as a xerophyte,
women during shopping sales trips

133 characters with spaces

Woman bending over “Hey, where
did the Gucci shopping bags go?”

Woman with open mouthed horror “Oh
no! We left them in the elevator.”

For OSI (prompt is Monday)

I have seen Monday mornings
They dawn the same as other dawnings

They end pretty much the same way too, I see
With the sun setting in the west beyond that tree.

Yes, Monday is pretty much the same
It follows the weekend, and for that, we blame. 

For Haiku Heights – shimmer and Sunday Scribblings – Monarch

The shimmer of the
Monarch – the butterfly king
A visual treat

16 thoughts on “My weekend post of memes

  1. "as the weekend came by too soon" and I'm betting that Monday came too soon also. My Monday's are varied by my activities. For early morning Monday come very early. Today I slept in, it came later.

    I did Succintly Yours (Sunday) and before that Six Word Saturday (Saturday) on my other blog, Jim's Little Blog. Thursday I finished with my New Zealand and Australia posts so Six Word Saturday has a link for one to see all of my pictures.

    Oh yes, I hope your women find their Gucci shopping bags. XD

  2. Brilliant post, combining so many prompts…My first time here, will return in leisure… Loved the quote, it is so well put…As for the Monarch, well a butterfly and a Monarch at that oozes shimmer 🙂

  3. Now that is amazing how you combined the picture from Mag Pie Tales, the 14 line poem and the SW words!! Hidden memories in a drawer – I really like this line. Reminds me of when I visit my parents. There are so many memories in draws there!

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