Fun Friday – Working for Fun

FUN – I need more of it. As my Wednesday poem shows, I have somehow lost that ability somewhere along the way – luckily not very long ago and not too much  of it- just a matter of days – and now am working hard at regaining it.
Working, you say, at fun?! Isn’t fun about letting go and not working? But I think that sometimes if you forget to have fun, then it is worth it to work towards this goal of having fun. Fun at the end of a day when you have worked hard

What do you think? Do you need to work at having fun sometimes?

For Friday Flash 55

My Moments of Peace
Water rushing around me
drowning all sounds momentarily
I close my eyes, I hear the shower
My moments of peace I cherish, I treasure
And after my I-think-long,
As I turn the faucets off, there it comes –
the inevitable knock on the bathroom door
the inevitable ‘Mommy, we need you’
Bye, moments of peace..

Both excerpts today  for Book
: and The Friday 56  are from ‘The Bracelet’ a novel by Roberta Gately
Book Beginnings:
A silvery haze shrouded the streets of Geneva when Abby set
out on her early-morning run.
Friday 56:
“As long as you’re not hanging over my shoulder, we’ll get
on fine. If you want to call that a truce, then you have one.”
For Five Minute Friday: – the prompt this week is  ‘What mama did’ 
What my mom did and what she still does, I am not sure when
I can do all of that with the same ease and the same excellence she does them
with. Each dish she makes has a unique flavor that is completely hers – in
Tamil we say ‘kai manam’ which literally translates to ‘hand aroma’. When we
use these words to describe someone’s cooking, we are basically saying that the
taste of her cooking is difficult to capture by others even if the recipe is
followed to the exact word, because the cook’s hands and abilities lend to the
taste, flavor, and aroma of any dish.
But that does not mean to say that was all my mom did or
does.  What my mom did was instill in me
a love for laughter – really – I wrote about it recently when I wrote a list of
things I want to do with my own little girl – and one of them is to spend time
laughing – just for laughing’s sake – like I did with my mother.
What my mom did and still does each day – instill in me a
love for family, for life!

8 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Working for Fun

  1. I love your post! I think a mother's cooking is so important- that's what I wrote about too. Also: I like your day themes- I've been thinking about doing something similar on my blog. Fun!

  2. Fun seems harder to come by. I don't need to work at it, I just need to remind myself to cut loose and have some! I love the sound of rushing water, and, yes, it was the only place to escape for a moment of peace when the children were little.

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