Simply Sunday – NaBloPoMo – November – Blogging for its’ sake

Technically, NoBloPoMo is a challenge about posting everyday of the month and I have not posted so far this month but I hope to at least say hello each day for the rest of the month so I hope this technicality is ignored!
The theme for this month is blogging for blogging’s sake. I have to hope that this theme will keep me blogging for the month ahead starting today. Blogging is something I surely do for myself. It is one of those few things I really can spend hours doing if I let myself. The problem is, that there are other things I do for myself as well – that I can spend hours doing if I let myself – and I (re)discovered some of them these past few months while I had stopped blogging that they kept me away for longer than needed.
So many things have happened in the past few months that kept me away from blogging –

  • I had a brief return during Bloggiesta and wrote a post about why I was missing earlier here
  • and more recently – illness and a loss of a dear family member – my father-in-law – who was one of the most sincere, in love-with-life persons I knew (I will need a whole post to write about him and that will be coming soon)
  • As I spent time with the kids (after a brief visit to India) while DH was still back in India, I got hooked on to two things – reading (not that I was not doing it before) but just spent more time now as well as TV series. This meant reading the series or watching a series back to back late at night after work and after the kids were asleep which lead to lesser sleep and lesser time for other pursuits like blogging. And I realized – we can get addicted to anything – not just something we eat or drink….

And now, with NaBloPoMo, I just hope to break out of some of the bad habits acquired (including some which might be considered good – too much of a good thing is bad too, right??!!), strike a balance between all the things I like to do in my leisure time (or time I steal from my sleep!!), and get back into blogging all at once.

Today, Sunday, as my kids spend time painting on boats (for the upcoming Raingutter Regatta at the cub scout meeting) and on paper cups (to make a pen holder) out in the backyard, and DH spends time with finances, I put up my first blog post after a long break…:) yay!
So here is to NaBloPoMo and to blogging.

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