My Tuesday Post…Election Day 2012

It is Wednesday in most parts of the world but I hope to put this post up before Wednesday begins in my part of the world! Today is a Big Day here in the USA. We waited and watched, and as President Obama wins again, and I wait to watch him make his speech, I also hope the props voted for also make it through.

To all who can vote in the US, hope you exercised your privilege. My DD said that she wished she could vote – she said that if they allowed kids to vote, she definitely would but that she is sad that she has to wait 12 more years for that privilege.

I am eating my way through a couple of wonderful cookbooks currently – including the super ‘Vegan Eats World’ and ‘Soup of the Day’ – and hope to review them soon as well on my blog. ‘Vegan Eats World’ is simply a yummy treat for the eyes and for the tummy. ‘Soup of the Day’ is a slurpy treat as well.

Teaser Tuesdays – This is a meme over at ‘Should Be Reading’
pg 28 from the digital ARC of ‘Vegan Eats World’

“Cooking is not only what you do with the stove and pot and a bag of groceries but it’s an organic process from the moment you read a recipe and until the last clean dish is stacked away (no matter who washes the dishes!).”

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