Need to catch up….

I need to catch up on posts… As you can see, the last one is from last Wednesday.. so while I debate if I should play catch-up or continue where I start (maybe tomorrow – Wednesday again or later this week), just wanted to say hello.
One giveaway has ended and the winner announced – thank you to all the people who participated in this giveaway. I will start the new giveaway a little later than planned (next Monday).

In the meantime, one personal request..

Dear Friends.. I need your support!

My friend Gerry Som(Doctor/MBA
student in Canada) started a MBA blog out of passion. It has been
automatically selected as one of the top 22 personal MBA blogs in
the world by eCollegeFinder website!! He mentors pre-MBA students from
all over the world and helps them with their applications for free!!

It will take you just a few seconds to click on the following link and click on his name “GERRY SOM” and click “vote”. Thank you so much in advance!


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