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Sunday Scribblings #58: Where I Know I Need to Get Up

February 1st is apparently National Get Up Day; or rather the day that reminds us to pick ourselves up when we’ve fallen and given it (whatever it may be) another go! Most likely for all those resolutions that many (including me) plan to have another go at. So that is where I am – where I know I need to get up, and keep going. While I have done fairly well at most of my resolutions, I need to keep at them, and work on the couple I seem to have let slip a bit. So here is to getting up and persevering!

Sunday Scribblings  Where I Know I Need to Get Up

Poetic Sundays


From Wales last week to Israel via Japan is where my poetic wanderings take me as I bring you the Kimo.

So what is the Kimo poetic form?

Kimo is a haiku variation from Israel.

Like the haiku, it has three unrhymed lines, and is syllabic rather than metered.

It is different from the haiku in that

  • it has a few more syllables – a total of 23 syllables actually (differences between the languages these forms are used in)
  • only one rule to follow – it should be a snapshot in time, without movement.

The Kimo’s Characteristics

So the kimo’s elements are that it is:

  • a tristich: 3 line stanza (can have more than one stanza, if the poet desires)
  • syllabic: 10-7-6 syllables
  • unrhymed
  • deals with a single moment, a static image, a snapshot in time; so it is more like a photograph than a video, more frozen than moving. This makes the kimo a wonderful form for reflection.
  • L1 – ten syllable line – xxxxxxxxxa
  • L2 – seven syllable line – xxxxxxb
  • L3 – six syllable line – xxxxxc
Play With the Form

You could connect multiple Kimo if you wish.

h/t: Writer’s Digest, ThanetWriters

My Example

A smile on the verge of just happening,
Eyes wide open in wonder,
Caught on a pink bowed box.

– Vidya Tiru @ LadyInReadWrites


On My Blog

Five posts this past week, and while I did not share all the reviews I meant to, I did manage a few!

And the Home Front

Well, it has been raining for most of the week, and that is definitely much-needed. Luckily the weekend cleared up so we could work on our garden for a bit, and get some sunshine as well as exercise in the process!


On My Blog and Home Front

Review posts for books read over the last month I have not posted yet here; a post for my January audit challenges; a couple posts for pending Cybils nominees; and yes, the Ultimate Blog Challenge starts tomorrow..

This Week’s Celebrations

For this week and since the new month begins, here are a few(many?!) I wanted to mention…

The Days
The Foodie Celebrations

Foodies have a lot to celebrate!

The Others
The Weeks

The Month

Wrapping up my Sunday Scribblings

So dear reader, this was it for my Sunday Scribblings. I would love to hear your comments on my post(s), poetic Sunday section, and anything else. And which of these days do you plan to celebrate (or any other)? Also, I do look forward to reading your poems (if you have attempted one or the other forms so far?!) 

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22 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #58: Where I Know I Need to Get Up

  1. It’s a good reminder to have today, a month after making resolutions, to look at them again and see how we are doing. I feel pretty happy about where I am, but I am going to re-resolve (if that’s a word) to keep things light. Play. That’s my word for 2021.

    I do like the kimo. I will give that a whirl today.

    I hope you have a lovely week!

  2. I actually have a very busy schedule from work last week but I am happy that I am able to manage my time in doing all my tasks and for this week, I am looking forward to celebrating the National Homemade Soup Day with my family.

  3. This is definitely a great reminder for all of us and to assess ourselves. Love the content and for sharing such amazing information that is very detailed.

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