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Alphabet of Black Cultures: A Review

Today’s post features a book review for Alphabet of Black Cultures, a unique picture book that takes readers on a fun cultural journey around the world alphabet by alphabet, and with cool illustrations

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The Book: Alphabet of Black Cultures

Book Info

Title: Alphabet of Black Cultures
Author/Illustrator: Jeffrey Daniels
Length: 34 pages
Genre:  Children’s Nonfiction/Multicultural(6 – 10 years)
Publisher: Jeffrey Daniels (July 27, 2020)

Description (GoodReads)

From A to Z, Alphabet of Black Cultures is a picture book celebrating a world connected by African heritage. Using letters of the alphabet as a guide, learners of all ages are invited to explore inventions, music, games, customs, and more.

My Thoughts

This is a very cool introduction to various aspects of black cultures. There is one page for each letter of the alphabet; and it includes a short one-line description of something that varies from games to instruments to food to accessories to so much more. Or to be specific, from Awale to Zuria via the jebena and rap!

This is definitely a book that will get young readers curious to learn more about different cultures. It shows the broad diversity of black cultures themselves – from Tanzania to Puerto Rico, from the Ivory Coast to Madagascar and more. I learned a lot through this pretty thorough primer for an AtoZ book.

And I truly loved the unique style of the illustrations; while the styling does make a couple of items less clear than I would have liked – especially for food, it does lend the right atmosphere to the book.

Backmatter includes more details on each featured item, giving interesting information about it. I loved the connections and patterns visible among the listings as well as those I could see between the ones in the book and what I already knew.

This book is sure to be loved by readers of all ages, and a great resource for parents and teachers.

In Summary

A neat alphabetical book to introduce young readers to cultures.

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Alphabet of Black Cultures: Book Review
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And Now, the End of this Post

Dear reader, what are your thoughts on this book? Have you read this or other similar books? Any recommendations for me. And do let me know if this book intrigues you and/or if you plan to read it.

35 thoughts on “Alphabet of Black Cultures: A Review

  1. This looks like an interesting read. I was actually looking for some literature to write/read about in celebration of Black History month.

    Thanks for sharing.

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