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One Fun Way to Make DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Ornament

These DIY Christmas ornaments are fun and easy to make. All we need is a little bit of paint, some plain precut wood ornaments, and loads of imagination. Our Girl Scout Troop is gearing up for the upcoming Craftapalooza where we plan to set up a booth all our own. This is our first time participating in something like this (so far, it has only been cookie sales to raise funds for the troop and for Girl Scouts) and all the girls are totally excited about this. With just a vague idea of what to expect (since we have never even been to one of these events before), we picked these ornaments as our DIY to-sell items. We have spent the last couple of meetings in a flurry of colors and joyous sounds. Some of the girls manage to get more paint on themselves (and each other) than the ornaments, but in the end, they all are totally enthused throughout the meeting and have made many ornaments already. As you can see in the picture below, more than ornaments got painted:)

painting bananas
a”peel”ing painting

For the actual pieces, we had two different types of wood 0rnaments to work with. One of the dads graciously sawed and sanded wood pieces from tree branches in their backyard, and the girls drilled holes in them (pictured above with the gold background and pink hearts).  The second base material we worked with was unfinished wood ornaments that I ordered from Amazon (pictured to the left)

All the girls came armed with brushes and sharpies, as well as acrylic paints, and as I mentioned before, loads of enthusiasm and creativity.  We primed the ornaments with white or lighter shade paints and then got on to designing on them. These are totally fun to make and hopefully easy to sell at our Craftapalooza event soon.

For the one pictured above, I used brass colored spray paint on a few of them and then used pink sharpies to write on. It was fun and easy-peasy!

Here are a few pictured below (made by the girls and their siblings, ranging in age from 7 to 12) and these need an additional coating of clear varnish.

My question to the readers: Will you buy these ornaments? Do let me know in the comments.. And which one might be your pick among the ones pictured? Maybe if a couple turn out to be favorites here, we should make more of them… 🙂

DIY Ornaments

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21 thoughts on “One Fun Way to Make DIY Christmas Ornaments

    1. thank you Barbara.. i am hoping the girls have success with selling their DIY items (though i will be there throughout with them).. for me, just being able to have the girls go through this experience is success enough 🙂
      and our tree will make its way home early dec

  1. What a great way to have personalized ornaments! I was just looking for a few quick and easy ones and these will be perfect. My favorite is the Love one and the smiley face. These would be great to add to get well baskets also! Good luck to the AWESOME girl scouts! I was one way back in the “old days” and I still have my badge sash!

  2. I love the idea of making your own ornaments for the tree. When you find them as the years go on, it really shows how much you’ve grown creatively.

  3. Aww, how fun is this? I love handmade ornaments. Each ornament on my tree has some kind of story behind it, and these will all carry awesome memories of the time spent making them with your Troop. Good luck and I hope you sell lots of ornaments! 🙂

    1. thank you!! It will be nice to recall the stories behind each one as years pass.. i think, based on yours and Tiara’s comments, I should make sure that each girl makes at least one ornament for themselves to keep.. don’t know why I did not think of that before (maybe after the craft fair)

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