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Thirteen Facts About the Justice League You Probably Did Not Know

We are a family of super hero fans (well, all except my DH). When I mentioned to a colleague sometime ago that some of my favorite TV shows (well, actually my favorite!) include The Flash, The Arrow, and a whole bunch of other Netflix Marvel series, the first question was ‘do you watch them because of your kids?’. My answer – ‘my kids watch them because of me!’ So I must be one among the few moms (as far as I know, at least) past 40 watching and loving such shows and movies. I totally devoured all of the Avenger movies and as a kid, read tons of the DC and Marvel comics (it was a miracle that in our sleepy little town in the middle of somewhere, my dad’s friend had a wonderful collection!!).

Justice League November 2017
Image courtesy: Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justice_League_(film) (fair use under the copyright law of the United States.)

So, while we have not yet headed to the theater to watch ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, the Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner and it is movie time!!  Many super hero or more specifically, Justice League of America (JLA) fans are waiting for tomorrow – the release of the Justice League movie.  Here are some cool and random facts about the Justice League that you may not already know.

  1. The Justice League is not the first team of superheroes. It was the Justice Society of America which consisted of earlier versions of some of the current JLA members.
  2. Their first villain was a starfish named Starro. (Brave and the Bold #28)
  3. The Atom – one hero we really enjoyed watching on CW – attended meetings in a flying chair!!
  4. Malcolm Merlyn, the villain you(I) want to like, on ‘The Arrow’, is actually a JLA villain. He is now so much part of the Green Arrow world that it might be hard for fans to imagine something else.
  5. They had an annoying non-superhero sidekick in Lucas Snapper Carr (who had to give up his membership after he revealed their hideout to the Joker)
  6. Their hideout – a secret cave outside Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.
  7. Hawkeye is the only superhero who is in both the Avengers and the JLA.
  8. Many believe that the Marvel comics superhero teams, first the Fantastic Four, and later the Avengers, were created because of the success of the JLA.
  9.  Wonder Woman is one of the superhero characters who has successfully wielded the hammer of Thor.
  10.  Flash gave Aquaman his moniker.
  11.  Cyborg, the half-man, half-machine has the ability of ‘technopathy’ – the ability to communicate with technology around him
  12. Wonder Woman had to prove her worthiness on her return to the League after leaving for a brief spell by performing twelve trials comparable to that of Hercules.
  13. The upcoming (well here already) movie is based on the DC Comics relaunch – the New 52.

and one more before I sign off for the day, the JL also has Rex the Wonder Dog.

So, to my readers I ask: 1) will you be watching the movie in theaters? 2) who is your favorite superhero (if you enjoy reading/watching superhero related books/shows)?

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12 thoughts on “Thirteen Facts About the Justice League You Probably Did Not Know

  1. I have no ideas of these 13 facts. Here and then I love to watch movies like that. My dad as a child was a comic lover and my brother share this love for comics too.

  2. I’ll gladly go to any superhero movie with my husband, although I am not really into comics or superheroes. It’s funny that you’re into them and your husband isn’t. It’s usually the other way around, but I’m sure your kids are happy to have something to bond over with their mom! 🙂

  3. Love this post and as I read it, my hubby and I discussed it. We are in our 40’s and are big movie buffs especially when it comes to comic book movies. We have already seen JL twice since it came out and plan on seeing it again and again and…maybe once more after that lol. Our kids grew up watching these movies because it’s what we’d take them to see. My hubby watches all the netflix superhero shows like you and has recently started the new punisher show. I am always busy filling orders or blogging so I mostly listen to what’s going on and on days that I have open, I’ll sit to watch with him lol. And hands down…Superman. This new JL movie just nails him as being the best superhero ever!!! Now I want to play the DC vs Marvel game 😉 Loved this post and it was nice learning a couple new things!

    1. I have to yet watch the Punisher show.. currently catching up on CW shows and Stranger Things with my kids.. and then back to the Netflix Marvel shows most of which the kids cannot watch yet…
      i am pretty sure my son will love playing the game.. and need to watch the JL movie this week

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