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Reasons I Love Middle Grade Books

While I titled this post ‘Reasons I Love Middle Grade Books,’ you should know I love (mostly) all fiction (and non-fiction) no matter the age-group of the intended audience! For me, the age-range is a distant factor on the list for picking it to read.

The intended ‘age’ audience plays a way smaller role than the genre of the book when I pick it up. And even there, while there are some genre of books I don’t read much, it is most likely because I read that genre and did not enjoy it as much as others, and not because I will not read it. I am also sure there are some genre I haven’t read yet, simply because there is so much left to discover.

The Magic of Reading - Reasons I Love Middle Grade Books

But all that said and done, I do enjoy reading books written for middle-grade audiences for reasons that apply to them (more than to books written for other age groups).

Reasons I Love Middle Grade Books

So here are some of those reasons middle-grade fiction (and non-fiction) is endearing and enduring to me..

That sweetness & those relationships

With the protagonists often being of an age where they are still little ones raring to join those older-almost-adults, these books feature family – parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, siblings – prominently. And the main characters are also taking on more responsibilities while being the babies they were just a couple of years ago. That portrayal has made me tear up many a time, as I see my own kids in them (now teens), and myself – the tween me – as well.

Since friendships and BFFs are so so critical as well, friendships are just that – the best, sweetest, purest form of friendships that also have the possibilities of friendships for life. And you learn you can make friends with anyone, or anything!

There is an inherent, underlying sweetness in these books, even in those that handle serious issues.

How tough situations & feelings & anythings are handled

Talking about serious issues, I feel the books written with middle-grade audiences in mind tackle them in the best way. They manage this with aplomb; without talking down to the readers and treating them with respect and being open and honest about those tough ‘everythings;’ while at the same time handling them with a sensitivity that softens the blow.

Giggle-inducing, smile-producing, & ROTFL moments

Somehow, books written for this age are perfect for those sweet smile producing scenes to meld right into one with those with the humor that has most people going ‘not this again,’ and those middle-graders yapping it right up! And there are all those giggle inducing jokes sprinkled here and there, no matter the seriousness of the overall book itself (or not, sometimes it is just written to make you smile throughout!)

Connecting and reconnecting

Books have always been one of my favorite conversation starters, one I find myself most comfortable with, in fact! And this works for any and all age groups, strangers and loved ones. So it definitely helps to connect with kids as well; for instance, by asking them what they are reading or maybe watching (and connecting that to a book).

And as I read these books, either new ones just published or old favorites, it reminds me of those years when I was that wonderful age myself. Granted, I might have a different understanding of the book, but that feeling it leaves me with – that has not changed!

And So Many More….

And there are so many more reasons as well; I could keep listing them to add up to the usual ten for these lists, or more. For example, hope, kindness, timelessness, inspiration, and so on. I also know that if I would want to seriously write a book, then writing one which would be labeled middle-grade would be my first choice!

I will stop here however and simply say, books are magic, always and forever!

Some Final Thoughts and Recommendations

I did initially plan to include books into each reason(s) above based on how they fit; but then I realized I was going to make it a much longer post and start dwelling on thoughts about those books.

10 Middle Grade Recommendations For You

And since I did not give ten reasons, here are ten middle-grade reads instead(ranging from the very popular to those you might not have heard of maybe). Note that keeping it limited to ten was a very tough task! Clicking on the titles below links to my reviews and/or mentions of them on my blog.

And now, the end of this post

So dear reader, do you have a favorite book, genre, age-specific, type, or well anything else that make you want to list the reasons you love that? Do let me know. And if it is not a specific book, then do list some of those as recommendations for me:)

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23 thoughts on “Reasons I Love Middle Grade Books

  1. I love MG books, too, and for all the reasons you mentioned. I especially agree that most MG books tackle tough situations with a greater sensitivity than other genres, while keeping things real. I love that! My favorite books in the MG genre are Harry Potter, anything by Cynthia Lord, and Katherine Applegate’s newer books. I also love ANNE OF GREEN GABLES and THE BOOK THIEF, although I tend to think of them as more YA. Not gonna lie, CORALINE is a creepy little book. I read it while I was home alone and I jumped every time the house creaked!

    Happy TTT!


  2. I used to love reading middle grade books when I was in high school! They really are so innocent and don’t have to rely on the shock factor and adult themes to be a great read!

  3. Black Beauty is one of my favorite books of all time! Great post — I also love middle grade books! Rick Riordan is one of my favorite authors. I adore rereading books from this group that I read years ago. Happy reading!

  4. I’m so with you on this! I started re reading books from my middle school years because I feel I will appreciate them so much more now. I absolutely LOVE The Giver, Number the Stars, and A Wrinkle in Time.

  5. I thought I had stopped reading MG books decades ago, then a friend tempted me to enter a MG anthology contest. Rather than return to favourite MG reads like The Hobbit, I read The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell and it became my read of 2019 ahead of all genres:
    Plus, my short made the anthology – Voyagers: The Third Ghost:

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