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Records are Meant to be Broken: Right?

Records are meant to be broken, right? Well, except for those records we get at the record store!

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Riveting Records to Celebrate Record Store Day

April 20th celebrates record stores across the nation and globally too with Record Store Day. If you know of a local indie record store in your area, go out and support it today! I have a couple we have not visited for a while so will try to stop by sometime this weekend for sure.

And continuing the Tortured Poets theme from the letter P, looks like Taylor Swift has some Record Store Day promotions in combination with this new album. An Easter Egg in the TTPD timetable video (link here and the clip of that Easter Egg below) as well as a personalized Taylor Swift note to a few lucky customers who buy TTPD (well, already done today).

Required Reading

Red Sings from Treetops

Red Sings from Treetops: A Year in Colors by Joyce Sidman and illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski (Children’s Poetry | 2 – 6 years, and up)

Description: With original and spot-on perceptions, Joyce Sidman’s poetry brings the colors of the seasons to life in a fresh light, combining the senses of sight, sound, smell and taste. Pam Zagarenski’s illustrations go beyond the concrete, allowing us to not just see color, but feel it.

Review: Refreshing, rhythmic, riot of colors!


Requiem: Poems of the Terezin Ghetto by Paul B. Janeczko and illustrated by various (Teen and YA Holocaust History in Verse)

Description: This stirring collection of poems goes inside the walls of the notorious camp to portray the indomitable spirit of those incarcerated there.

Review: Remarkable, riveting, heartrending read.

Recounting Record History

The NaPoWriMo Day 20 prompt: Write a poem that recounts a historical event. In writing your poem, you could draw on your memory, encyclopedias, history books, or primary documents. 

I decided to pick something light, and keeping in mind that April 20th is Record Store Day, I went looking for music related events on this date! And lo and behold, discovered that Dolly Parton released her first single on April 20, 1959. Read more about it here. In addition, I kept it short – to 24 words (20th day of 4th month for the year ’24!!)

Rhapsody in Record
Six decades and five years ago
Dolly Parton took her first bow
All of thirteen, her tale unfurled,
Singing “Puppy Love” to the world.
~ Vidya Tiru @ LadyInReadWrites

Rhythmical Refrains and moRe

R is for Ramya meaning beautiful and Ruhan meaning kind-hearted.

Raahi Manwa Dukh ki Chinta from Dosti

Ramayya Vastavayya from Shree 420

Rimjhim Gire Sawan from Manzil

Ruk Jaana Nahi from Imtihan

And Now, the End of This Records Breaking Post!

Dear reader, do let me know if you have read any of the books listed today? Which book would you pick first? Will you attempt a poem today? Do share any book recommendations, poetry you loved or wrote, and of course, all and any thoughts on this post.

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14 thoughts on “Records are Meant to be Broken: Right?

  1. I never knew there was a record store day. I wish I would have known when it was earlier. I do love a good record though, and I really love Dolly as well.

  2. Red Sings from the Treetops sounds like an interesting book and one that would be ideal for my nephew. I love that it covers all the senses in the wording.

  3. These book recommendations have really piqued my interest! I must admit I never knew there was a record store day, sounds interesting

    1. I am sure she will enjoy it. It is one of those old movies that never fails to drum up nostalgia for me (and i am sure many others who watched it with their parents like me)

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