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Screen to Page: Movies & Shows That Will Be Amazing Books

I have written many posts about books to movies, or page to screen. Even a couple of posts about books inspired by movies, or the ones that made it from screen to page. Today’s post is about some of the movies and TV shows I think will make amazing books! (For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday)

And of course, I wonder how it would have been if these had been books first and then came the screen adaptations! In addition, there is all that potential for the narratives and the characters to expand and evolve within the pages of a book. Don’t you think so? Maybe the book might expand on a specific beloved character some more and add to their story. Or not!

Even without all those possibilities, I think I will enjoy reading a book based on these movies/shows.

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From Screen to Page

There are many more I had on my list and more that come to mind but given I am already pushing the limits here with two lists of more than ten each, I had to stop somewhere! Also, when I looked into them, realized they have already novelized some of those movies or shows. For example, Interstellar has an official novelization. And then I skipped the animated movies, like The Incredibles and Finding Nemo. They all already have some comic book or picture book tie-ins post the movie (like this Junior Novelization for Finding Nemo, or this The Incredibles Little Golden Book). I also discovered that the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel  is based on a novel called These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach

While Downton Abbey (included below) was inspired by a book (To Marry an English Lord), it is not based on one and I would read the book adapted from this series! Like with Interstellar, The Twilight Zone has been novelized already (many books actually, including Stories from the Twilight Zone by the show’s creator) and hence not on the list. And 👍🏻, Gilmore Girls has a book series out too based on the show!

Screen to Page: The Movies

screen to page. can someone write a book based on this movie?
  1. The Age of Adaline: I was surprised that this one was not based on a book when I first saw the movie.
  2. Arlington Road: A thriller that I would read for sure.
  3. The Farewell: Made me weep, so both movie (and any book adapted from it) would need tissues handy.
  4. The Grand Budapest Hotel: Quirky and oh, well, quirky and beautiful too!
  5. Green Book: Have you watched this one? Brilliant and so very eye-opening.
  6. Inception: Mind-blowing once you can wrap your mind around it.
  7. Midnight in Paris: I will watch it all over again for Owen Wilson’s portrayal of his character, and would totally read this book too (if someone wrote it!).
  8. Ocean’s 8 and the rest of the numbers too (a book series maybe!). Fun to watch and read
  9. The Truman Show: Kind of like the world itself today, right?
  10. The Usual Suspects: Each time we watch this movie, it surprises us all over again. I wonder what the book can do to me.
  11. When Harry Met Sally (many others from Nora Ephron too!)

Will these Make it from Screen to Page: The Shows

  1. Better Call Saul: One of the many shows DH and I watched together. Another current one that can easily be on this list is Person of Interest.
  2. Cable Girls: I have a soft spot for Spanish shows, and while i am yet to finish watching this one, I loved what I watched of it. It will make a great book(series) too.
  3. Downton Abbey: Well, of course!
  4. Gran Hotel: I believe I have binge-watched this show (how can everyone be so good looking) too many times I think. Now it is time to read the books (first someone has to write them).
  5. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. So much to love about this show (and if there is a book(s), then lots to love there too, I am sure)
  6. Monk. We loved Monk, and well, it is set in San Francisco which adds to our love for it! Plus. well, that is enough, I think.
  7. The Newsroom. I watched this show a few years ago and I do enjoy reading books with stories with these settings.
  8. Pushing Daisies. A show that should have continued but can someone write a book(s)
  9. Severance. Talking about work-life balance?
  10. Stranger Things. I had to… one of the few we all watched together though the husband usually does not watch such shows or movies (Twilight Zone is an exception).
  11. Ted Lasso. Love this one, has a little bit of everything I like.

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, which of these movies or shows have you watched / enjoyed? Which ones do you think you would read in a book format? What would I find on your list?

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