Simply Sunday – Catching up – that is what I seem to be doing…

Today is Mother’s Day – my little girl made me promise as we went to bed last night that I would sleep in, really late! and though most Sundays sleeping in has never been a problem, today that proved to be a challenge in itself. But I did my best and waited till she along with big brother and dad brought me breakfast in bed 🙂 was worth the smiles on their faces..
“Just one more”
Ah! the temptation
Of just one more
Of just about anything
Is harder than you think
“Yes, absolutely the last piece
Of dessert – this one, I promise”
Or of course, “This is the last page
I read before I tuck myself into bed”
“Just one more episode on Netflix
The dishes can wait”
(of course, so will Netflix streaming
But the tempted mind doesn’t care)!
Oh how I wish, how I really wish
and hope that soon, someday
That the just one more will instead be
For the ‘just one more mile’ I will run today
The one last blog post for next month
I will write today
The just one more ‘cloth’ I will fold
(and yay, was the last one in the basket)
Or the last dish in the sink I will do
(and there, all done – a gleaming sink is all that is left)
but, there, I hear the call – one I can’t resist –
Of the just one more page on my Kindle..
Good bye!
I have spent (or is it wasted) a lot of time with my ‘just one mores’ – not that I did not get the myriad other jobs completed eventually! And of course, not to mention the pounds that I need to lose with the ‘just one more’ mile I will run someday soon because of the ‘just one more’ dessert I have had already! The above goes towards the prompt of ‘temptation’ that everyone is writing over at dVerse today.
For Sunday Whirl (Space mouth circling vow binding drone sun broken cave fist crook chants), Sunday Scribblings (popular), and Succinctly Yours (agenda (the three little pigs))


A binding vow made by the piglets
Circling the only sun-filled space
 At the mouth of the cave
their chants broken only by
the drone of the bees
their tiny fists went up in the air
crooked smiles slowly made their way
to their faces
they had an agenda…
it was Mother’s Day today, after all
they had vowed mom would have the best
and they had it for their mom –
they had seen it online
had heard it was popular
mayhap would make her happy

Wolf Women’s Short Boots!
For Haiku Heights – prompt – story


 Each rose – a story
untold – a complete bookstore
right in my garden!

16 thoughts on “Simply Sunday – Catching up – that is what I seem to be doing…

  1. I like the "just one more" it is playful and it is something a mother hears a lot isn't it? Reminds me of Jill Murphy's "5 Minutes of Peace" children's story. Thanks and Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Great poem for Mother's Day! I think I'd like a pair of Wolf Women's Short Boots, too. Clever use of all those Sunday Whirl words.

  3. I can definitely relate to the first poem I waste time with the best of them!

    The second poem is a wonderful Mother's Day poem and unique which makes it especially appealing compared to the usual greeting card variety

    I loved the haiku gorgeous =)

  4. A great new take on the 3 little pigs! Still the poor wolf loses in the end.
    There's always one more! I know when I'm reading a good book because it's one more page then one more after that and my eyes hurt in the morning!

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