Simply Sunday – A Grounded Homestead

For   Sunday
(Grounded) and  One
Single Impression
(Tree), I have ‘Grounded’

She had been as grounded as a tree
Strong, steady, reliable to a degree
This little girl of theirs, so they thought
Until…now they realized she is all grown up
All thanks to yesterday’s mishap
And now she was – grounded
For a month, no less.

For Sunday Whirl (word whirly below), Succinctly Yours (image of car and word is homestead – this one has 127 words) dVerse Poets Pub (the prompt is ‘First Narrative voice’ and this one is the 1st one for dVerse), Magpie Tales: (image of the tattooed back) – I have ‘Grounded Homestead’

Grounded Homestead
She asked, “Where do
you want to go, my dear?
I offer you the whole
world right here
You need a space,
maybe on the coast,
Someplace not bland, but
one that can boast
A spectrum of sights
to help rejuvenate.
The stress has been
relentless of late
 Your delicate mind now almost rampant;
So put on your
thinking hat
And have a look at
this map that
Is neither dated nor
forged, dear
So do not fear, just
me out and choose a
place, a sight to see
With your innate sense
and love of beauty.
Let us go on a
Outside the country or
in our nation.”
“With our car broken,
dear,” I said,
“Let us just stay
Right here in our
For dVerse Poets Pub(2nd one), I have, ‘Far or near’
Far or near
There I was, looking
at the dashboard clock
As four voices in the
back spoke
almost in unison
“Are we there yet?”,
the inevitable question
I looked at the
dashboard clock yet again
Looked at hubby as he
looked straight ahead
A look at his face
told me – yet another light
– again, the red
I answered the four, “well,
almost there, dear”
I figured that answer
would help make every far near
We took our two kids along with two of our friends’ kids to
the sawdust shop yesterday. Every distance is amplified, every traffic red a major
hindrance when we have four impatient, excited kids in the car. The photo below is of my son working on his Pinewood Derby car at the Sawdust Shop – drilling holes to put in weights.

17 thoughts on “Simply Sunday – A Grounded Homestead

  1. Your tree poem did well as it showed the merits of being well grounded while growing up. I smiled towards the end as she continued to learn even after being almost an adult.

    Your Homestead poem also along the theme of growing up is the picture of many a child who is afraid to take the step and decides to stay at home for a while longer.

    I like them both. Again this week, I have trees on one blog, homestead on the other.

  2. these are very nicely done. So much working here. in the first of the two dverse pieces, I really like the bolding of certain words, they jump at you and the reader has no choice but to pay special attention-I really, really like how that played out. And in the second piece the four voices speaking in unison- great choice image there, and the dialogue in this one is fantastic.

    I also like the sunday scribblings post. There's just something pleasing about reading something that has a title, then does everything it can to reflect and utilize the title in different ways throughout the piece itself. Nicely done on all accounts here.

  3. ..i am very impatient too especially when i'm boarding with a friend or a family member to a place unknown to me… i would ask 'em from time to time where were we currently…always worried and curious of knowing things around so as not to be too ignorant… fantastic read… enjoyed it…smiles…

  4. My parents thought I was fairly reliable, but I'm sure that I would have been grounded, if they had seen how fast I drove my first car. There's just something about an open road and a gas pedal that goes to a kid's head. Thanks for a great story that really struck a note for me – and many others, I'm sure.

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