Super Saturday – Off to the Sawdust Shop…

For Saturday Snapshot  – Two shades of Blue: 
The first is art-work by my little girl almost two years ago now. 
The second is a photo taken by my dad while he was stationed at work in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, about four years ago. 


For Quote It
over at Freda’s:
Einstein said –  “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t
understand it yourself.”
And then
he explained relativity like this – “When you are courting a nice girl an
hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like
an hour. That’s relativity.”
more weeks till holidays start…
excited boys ready for sawdust shop..
has no prompts on the weekends 🙂 – they are for free writing..

We are off to the
Sawdust Shop tomorrow – well, at least dad is headed there with our scout and
his friend. We had an extra kit that his friend will be using to build his
first derby car. We are into our third year of Pinewood Derby and so looking
forward to it. The excitement starts the moment the boys receive their kits –
this was a month ago now – and lasts till the date of the Derby – which is in
late January!!
I usually end up
getting the boys in my den to the sawdust shop in early January. This time
around, I wanted to be done with the designing of the car as we have a lot more
requirements to work on as Webelos scouts.
We do not have
our designs finalized yet (!) but we still have Saturday morning for that.. and
then once afternoon is here, it is one excitement filled hour of sawing,
drilling, sanding, and more in a workshop with powertools (and responsible
adults too, of course!).
So,  yes, there are two excited boys ready for
their sawdust shop adventure tomorrow. 
I also talk about the Derby here and here.. 

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