Simply Sunday – Part two – An Ode to Children’s Book Week 2013

Today is the last day of Children’s Book Week 2013. As I said before, for me, it is just a way of highlighting these books – like celebrating a birthday, or any other special day – but every day is a day for being you, appreciating/loving/respecting your mother, father, teacher, the veterans, freedom, and of course, reading.

I loved the poster created by Brian Selznick(my son is a big fan) and went hunting for past posters for Children’s Book Week. I collected them in my Pinterest board here. They are lovely and a work of art (each and every one of them). I have a couple of them here on my post today. I am still on the lookout for posters from many more years in between.

Today, I completed a couple more reviews to post but wanted to add my kids’ thoughts as well so will hold off on them till my Magic Monday post.

Here is an ode to children’s books using the Sunday Whirl words:

Whirl: Cut opaque
hover breath nebulous bleak timing torch crush
blazing slab touch vision
Cut above the rest – children’s books – the best
Neither nebulous, nor opaque are they.  (whether nebulous or opaque are they!)
Books, please, in my favorite treasure chest
Worlds read about hovered a breath away
Bleakest of times torched to death by books.
Opened this paper slab – riches abound
Senses blazing – vision, touch, smell, et al
I started timing my work around books
My very first crush –in a book I found
Each book I cherish – be it day/nightfall.

For Sunday Scribblings: moves, and Haiku Heights: bridge (and the Children’s Book Week poster from years ago that inspired me for this Haiku)
Books are but bridges
A string of words that moves us
Across worlds and times


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