World of Words Wednesday

The letter of the week at ABC Wednesday is S and continuing
my theme, here are the women authors I am highlighting –
– The author of ‘The Tale of Genji’
which is acknowledged as the world’s first novel. I am trying to find a copy of
the translated book so I can read it – part of the ‘1001 Books to read’ list.
But I still included her because of this wonderful fact – that in times when
society was male-dominated, the writing that came out of it and is now ‘sometimes
called the world’s first novel, the first modern novel, the first psychological
novel or the first novel still to be considered a classic’(from Wikipedia) was
written by a woman.
– The author of ‘Black Beauty’, a childhood favorite of mine (and
still continues to be one) and a universally popular book – one of the
best-selling books of all time.  
Beecher Stowe
 – The author of  ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’.

For Haiku Heights – betrayal and 3WW – finish silky clever

Silky smooth finish

Hid a clever cunning mind

Betrayal – easy

For Wondrous Words Wednesday,

  • battledore –  n. 1. a. An early form of badminton played with a flat wooden paddle and a shuttlecock. b. The paddle used in this game.
  • stutter-step: It is a footwork technique in tennis. From wikipedia – Although the term is mainly used in tennis, it has also become a modern term that is used commonly meaning to “unsurely make a decision or perform a job or activity”. For example, you could ‘stutter step” in a decision, or take slow, unsure steps and be cautious towards it instead of to just make up your mind and go for it.

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  1. Black Beauty is my DH's favourite story – he had a learning disability in early school and was called "stupid" (goes to show the intelligence of the teachers at that time!) so when he came upon Anna Sewell's book, he loved it so much that he forced himself to read…Now you can't get him out from behind a book!

    abcw team

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