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For my Sunday Memes, I am trying a continuing theme from the last couple of weeks with the Mag/Whirl/OSI/Sunday Scribblings combo!! You can find the previous meme posts here and here
Here is my entry for Grandma’s Succinctly Yours:
SY Word of the
Week: serendipity
Her mommy had named her Serendipity aptly;
she always seemed to have all the luck in finding the best treasures. Today’s
find – chocolate! (138)



For Magpie Tales: ,  Sunday
(Suspended Reality), One
Single Impression
and the Sunday Whirl

Whirlie words:  accident mars ask charged toll confused
sacrificed libation settle plenty handle trouble

He had seen her photo,
It was a few days ago
Now he had finally found her,
Got a confirmation of her whereabouts,
And had she been in Mars or
a dumpster
He knew he would be there, no doubts
Though it had taken a toll
on his health
A whole week of plenty of questions asked, a little libation offered
And with his resources
of wealth
Any trouble faced was handled
And now, he had got
the answers
There had been an accident – a misstep on the tightrope
She had recovered with
the help of her friend dancers (!)
They told him she had afterwards
been confused, had lost hope
She had not known
where to go, where to settle
And she had reached
here, in this place of suspended reality
As he saw her through
the haze, he admired her mettle
He thought of all that
had been sacrificed – the cost,
And hoped that it
would all be worth it, he knew it would
She then turned,
glanced his way, she looked lost
A second glance brought
her closer, of course it should
The very air seemed charged with emotions
Long held close to
Now they spilled
outwards in joyous motions
With nothing to hold
this long-lost father
and daughter

14 thoughts on “Simply Sunday – Simply Memes..

  1. Another completely different direction with the wordles (and other prompts!). I admire you that you were able to combine them all. I had a different kind of 'circus' 🙂 Cheers!

  2. I came to see your Serendipity microfiction (so cute, I love chocolate), and stayed to read your wonderful poem. I can't imagine being able to work all those things in together to make such a lovely story with a happy ending. Good for you. This is super.

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