Simply Sunday – A wonderful day

My daughter had her birthday party just yesterday and I realized that with the scouts Blue and Gold dinner that comes the second Saturday of February every year for us (as long as we have a Cub Scout); we will be having our
daughter’s birthday parties always a little later than the 8th. This year, my six year old made it easy for me, she knew she wanted it at home with a few friends from class, fun games to play (we chose games like Scavenger Hunt, Passing the Parcel, and Musical Chairs), and cupcakes (no themed cakes for her this year).
While my DH spent the whole day in and out of the house between the kids classes till noon and buying the items I needed from Trader Joes for snacks, the cupcakes our DD wanted, the balloons he wanted to pick up for DD, the pizza (from our favorite local pizzeria – Ciceros) and more, I was occupied at home.  So I packed up books from sets I had bought earlier out of one of the Scholastic book orders the kids bring in regularly
from school for this very reason. My little one picked out which book needs to go to which friend while I wrapped them for her to decorate with hearts and squiggles.

While my son was out with dad for the first of the day long cycle of classes on Saturday (this one being piano) and my daughter busy with aforementioned hearts and squiggles, I set out to hide the assortment of toys and non-toys (including an orange and a lemon!) out in the backyard for the scavenger hunt later and made out three separate lists for three teams – there were going to be three bigger boys – my 9 year old son and two of his friends whom my daughter wanted to include in her party too as they are always nice to her.  The parcel with a hidden surprise (mini-erasers and foam stickers) was packed up with multiple layers of tissue paper for the passing the parcel game and I hurriedly got a CD of songs(some of my favorites including  I had on my machine ready to use for Passing the Parcel and the Musical Chairs games.

Cupcakes were bought in various flavors and sizes from a newly discovered (because of this party, no less) cupcake store, so close to us and yet never noticed before, right across the street from my favorite Target, called Sweet Passions Bakery. I know I am going to be a regular customer there. Their red velvet cupcakes were sensational as were the others too. And the mini cupcakes that we got for the little ones were perfectly sized and a steal at a dollar each.
As the kids played games and also expended their energies with some old-fashioned games of tag and hide-and-seek, their appetites were fed with apples, oranges, cheetos, celery sticks (ants on a log, like my girl
wanted) and later, of course, at the end, pizza and cake with pink lemonade! As
the kids and their moms waved goodbye, we rushed off to swimming classes for
both of them and returned home to slee…..well, I thought sleep but actually
ended up being ‘unwrapping-the-gifts’ amidst pleas of “please, mommy, can we
open this gift now?”
Well, all in all, was a great day!
a hand-made gift for DD from one of her friends

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