Sunday Memes!

For Succinctly Yours:
SY Word of the Week:  revolution

“Why? That little girl has completed
five revolutions of the square while I wait for Al to pick me up. Looks like he
forgot again! Grrr, Al. “139
Sylvie thought to herself, “What do
these young ones know of revolution?” as she stared at the picketers with their
signs and remembered… 137

I swear, “I saw ghosts there last night,
Right under the neon pink light!
One little furry ghost – some little rodent
Was nestled snugly on the neck of the other – a gent,
I know it sounds bizarre, makes you just a little restless
But there he was, in the shadowy pinkness,
Where he whistled into the phone, some aimless witty melody
I cannot remember what, while he balanced his cycle on his
I dared not move, though the straps of my bag weighed me
down bad
My knees were smudgy with mud – I thought then, mom will be
But mom, what could I do?
I dared not move…
This fear that was there, that held me in thrall
It was truly elemental..
My throat was scorched.. my shoulders surely now had sores
I thought then, now I know, when terror seeps in
your pores.
And then, I blinked and I found myself alone,
The rodent, the man, and the bike all gone.
But I still heard an aimless witty melody carried in the air
and I realized the phone was off the hook, and the melody
was there.”
(The man, the rodent, the bike? You ask
Well, that story is another task!)

12 thoughts on “Sunday Memes!

  1. I like your micro-fiction, L.R. The second is my pick because Sylvie considers herself an expert in picketing for her cause. Back in her day, that is. LOL

  2. Mom will never believe this story, L.R! It is very original unlike 'the dog ate my homework,' etc.
    And you are still doing the rhyme. This has it good!

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