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Simpy Sunday – Simply Memes.. again..

For Sunday Whirl,One Single Impression (Miracle), and Sunday Scribblings (Honest)

Today, as I read the whirl words, the first thing that I recalled was the true story of a woman and her strength. And that story, a little modified, follows:
There was once a dancer
Grand dreams had she
The sky was the limit for her
Her hands told wonderful stories
With gestures that spoke
Her dance delivery conveyed glories
That even the hammiest drama bloke
Failed to convey
It seemed this talent was inherent
Everyone would say
Then, she met with an accident
It was a miracle she was alive
 Sadly, she did lose something
Her leg, something a dancer needs to thrive
In her dreams, she could hear singing;
There, she would dance to her hearts’ content
In the hallways of her memory, her very being
Soon, this was not enough
 She wanted to do more
She wanted her previous life, no more pain
To carry on dancing as before
She resolved to dance again
She had the sources of medical advances with her
A new leg strapped to her,
She started dancing again
People wondered, “What drives her to this madness?
What makes her welcome this pain?”
They did not see her honest desire to dance
But they did applaud soon after
Repeatedly in fact, not just once
When she came back to stage, to theater
Like a phoenix rising from her ashes!
You can read the story (the story of Sudha Chandran) on which this is based here
For Succinctly Yours: (the word is renew) One wine casket said to the other, “Don’t you feel it is time to get renewed? A fresh coat of bright colors maybe?” (115)
For Magpie Tales: I am currently reading ‘20000 leagues under the sea’ and was watching the movie ‘Hugo’ last night (based on the fantastic book ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret’ which I still do have to read). This photo is very Jules Verne-esque for me. When I saw the whirlie, I recalled a story (true story) from when I was growing up and just could not fit the Mag into that story. Luckily, being in a Jules Verne/Hugo mode of thinking helped me out with this image.
There he was again, tinkering with the gears in the early hours of the dawn. He enjoyed his job on this man-made island; really loved it since all he had to do was keeps the gears well-oiled. But some aspects of his job,
he would rather not face – this was one of them. This island was magical in many ways – it was man-made, and the gears underneath its many parks meant that the parks were a whole lot of fun – they were built like horizontal automatons – and surprises sprung up based on how the automatons were setup that day. This
part of the job was done by the automaton-designers. As people explored the parks and children played, a tree with chocolates might spring up here while a puppet show theater would suddenly start its show elsewhere.
He really did not understand why the kids loved to jump so much, this caused too much pressure on the gears. Every few weeks, more or less, this gradually added pressure which meant, the gears loosened underneath and had to be tightened. “Kids!”, he murmured again as he tightened the screws and was glad the next time he would need to do this was hopefully, still weeks away!

26 thoughts on “Simpy Sunday – Simply Memes.. again..

  1. Ah, your story and the image fit right in with the Verne theme all around you! Interesting piece about the one legged dancer too. I can't dance even with two (both left feet, lol).

    1. thank you Brenda.. Sudha Chandran's story inspires, even today, years after the incident..
      Brian – yup, kids jump.. and I am all for it:) but as you say, would not want to be the one to fix things after

  2. Very nice, L.I.R. Double miracles here, 'she was alive' and she could dance!
    You will have to decide whether or not there was a miracle in my OSI.

  3. O L.I.R, please don't let those natural colored wooden barrels be painted like a hippie VW van!
    My Succintly Yours is on the opposite blog that OSI is on.

  4. Enjoyed the anthropomorphic spin on the photo. Very creative.

    The captchas are very hard to read, especially for people with less than perfect eyesight. On a couple occasions, I've given up trying to comment after several failures to get them right. I hope you'll consider joining the growing number of bloggers who have removed them.

  5. Nice wordle. The photo reminded me of a computer game…Myst. you had to figure out mathematical problems to get to the next level or solve the mystery. Later books were written to explain the before and after of the computer game. I'm not good with dancing or math. But I enjoy words. Thanks for yours!

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