Super Saturday – Super balloons and yummy cakes!

Super Balloon! – My little girl’s sixth birthday balloon has lasted for a month now. This photo was taken today morning and we got the balloons on the 19th of February which was when we had a fun, game filled party. Today, we wondered how this balloon lasted so long and as I looked, I found on BalloonGeeks (yes, there is a site like this too!) that helium balloons can last a month or so – the bigger the balloon, the longer they last. But considering that this balloon is a generic size balloon, not super big – this is certainly, in my definition, a super-balloon!

For Saturday Snapshot and Six Word Saturday

‘The yumminess of chocolate and banana!’
 Had overripe bananas sitting on the counter today and just had to bake this..:)

8 thoughts on “Super Saturday – Super balloons and yummy cakes!

    1. that is what makes it a truly super-balloon – that it lasted this long with both my kids (9 yrs and 6 yrs) playing with it everytime they saw it.. (which meant everyday!)..
      the cake was yummy (means it is all gone already)..

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