So does Sunday follow Saturday?

For dVerse Poetics: Under the Canopy  and for Sunday Whirl (sigh, conjure, neglect, bend, twine, back, nest, carry, spirits, trinkets, cure, cap)

The Passage of Time
A wee me
Settled under a gnarled old tree
I conjure images so many
From words read
Of spirits that cure
Of cap-carrying monkeys
All hiding in my tree;
I hear mom’s call
For the umpteenth time
Cannot neglect it anymore
Heaving a huge sigh
I bid goodbye
To my canopied home
Away from home

All grown-up now,
Sitting with my back against
My favorite Adirondack
Below the canopy of a gnarled
Old tree

I bend my head sideways
Peek up the tree
And what do I see?
A nest – lovingly built
Of twine, of trinkets
That I long thought missing
A home nestled
In my canopied home
Away from home.

For Saturday Snapshot, 6WS: The following two photos were captured seconds within each other at this year’s Pinewood Derby event at my son’s pack – it is his last Pinewood Derby event – from the top of pinewood derby track to the bottom. Fates decided, cheers and sighs heard all over – a lot happened in a matter of a few seconds..

A lot happens in a moment.
pinewood derby at the top

pinewood derby at the bottom

14 thoughts on “So does Sunday follow Saturday?

  1. A home nestled
    In my canopied home
    Away from home….awww…made me smile… there's beautiful comfort in this… a tree is home to so many insects, birds and yes…people as well…smiles

  2. There is a beautiful coming of age sentiment in this poem… the contrast of being a child when all is possible to the dream of nesting in the canopy… and the tree a red thread..

  3. smiles…we used to play in the woods…and build homes and forts so i have a lot of memories there…and mom calling us home…its all still there you know…waiting on us…cool verse….and pine wood derby…used to do that as a kid as well….very cool…

  4. Curiously many years ago I walked in the woods near my old childhood home and I did just this, discovering a tree with the barest remnants of a tree house I had built with my brother so many years before. But all could feel was Father Time shaking his head slowly. I loved your piece.

  5. your line "Of cap-carrying monkeys" made me remember a book i recently read titled 'Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard' by Kiran Desai (◕‿◕。) have a nice Wednesday

    much love…

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