Square One and All That

Back to Square One..In the case of posting on my blog this year, I am right there now – at square one. This phrase, according to The Phrase Finder, this is one of the phrases that people say they know the hows, whats, wheres, and whens of the phrases’ origin, but they really don’t! The origin for this phrase is attributed to BBC sports commentators, to the game of snakes and ladders, as well as to the well-loved evergreen playground game  – hopscotch.
Whatever the origin of this phrase, I find myself today back at square one – where I need to start blogging regularly. Sound familiar? I just hope NOT to land in this particular square again in the future. I tell my kids many a time, when they have had an “Oops! I am sorry moment” that it is OK to make mistakes, but just ensure that it is not the same mistake over and over again. New mistakes being made are OK (again, it is NOT OK to keep having Oops moments just because it is OK to make new mistakes!).
We just returned from our annual trip to India and are still in the jet-lag phase – especially the kids who spent the whole of last night awake (and trying their best to be quiet while I tried to sleep in the night to get over my jetlag and DH who did not travel with us just needed to sleep!). But this trip to India each summer is totally worth a week’s worth of jet-lag. It is kind of like a Mastercard ad. Tickets to India – $ amounts in the four digits for each person; Jet-lag each way – about a week; packing chaos – endless; memories gained – Priceless!
Here are a few glimpses into the trip with details on a couple of the trips coming later. And today happens to be World Photo Day!

All the photos here were taken by me or mine! Photos here include glimpses of the Tungabhadra, Somnathpur temple, Harihareshwara temple, Bharachukki falls, scenes at a wedding attended, and the flower show at the beautiful Lalbagh gardens in Bangalore among others.

I just read this quote by Marcel Proust on a story:

real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in having new
And this voyage  to once familiar places in India (and some new ones) definitely was one of discovery just like in the quote above – of looking at things familiar with new eyes – in the sense that we are now changed (grown-ups now to the kids we were when we first roamed the familiar streets or viewed the wonders – both man-made and natural), and also that we viewed them this time through the eyes of our kids – their view of the places made us look at them in a whole different way, and it was a total joy!

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