World of Words Wednesay – For the First Time in Forever…. goes the song….

Happy, Happy, Happy – These words seem to be ‘frozen’ all around (definitely a wonderful thing to happen!) – I keep hearing the lyrics to this and a couple other songs and I keep thinking, looks like the lil ones just cannot ‘Let it Go’ – these songs. And when I turn around, I see ‘Happy’ moves all around – as in the minions Happy being played and replayed over in so many different versions – teens from city a, b, c dancing to Happy, and the latest one is as leaving-the-seer-happy as the innumerable others before. For some reason, all of these songs, and especially Happy, do not get on my nerves as much. Just when I think I might not be able to listen to it one more time, the CD in the car is played or it is just played on the radio station we are on or someone hums the song and we are caught in the joy of the song – especially Happy. I am sure that hearing the word happy in an upbeat, catchy tune leaves listeners way happier than they were before! So, for the first time in forever, I have listened to a few songs many, many times (like forever) and each time brings back a smile on my face, just like it did the first time!

And after a long break, participating in memes once again starting
with one of my favorites – ABC Wednesday. The little happy post above
this as well as the photos below both go towards ABC Wednesday’s letter
F. These photos were taken by me at the always-awesome Lalbagh flower
show held annually around August 15th (India’s Independence Day) during
our visit to India this summer. 

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