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Sunday Scribblings #24: Life Goes On, As Does Time

Time and tide wait for no man (or woman)! And that is why my posts here have been inconsistent of late, I kind of lost track of time and you know that time does not wait for or on us 🙂 and that life and time and tides keep moving.

I did a find most interesting post on this phrase – time and tide wait for no manhere. And I have gotten caught once in the tides that moved in while I was exploring a beach in India. Oh, I did find my way back to where the rest of my company was, but it was a long and rocky path there (or I had to wait the tide out, which was not going to happen). And, similarly, when you let time or life go past you without realizing it, you might and eventually will get back to where you want to be, but the path can end up being longer or harder (thought it might also be the more scenic route so you might end up enjoying it!)

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Last Week

I hoped to have more posts here but well, here are those that saw the light of day:

My PhotoaDay

But my PhotoADay is coming along swimmingly, with the latest post right out of the sea! Plus a couple more Instaposts from the last fortnight.


On My Blog

Book review and other posts

  • Picture Book Reviews
  • Book Review: Book Woman of Troublesome Creek
  • Short Story Review: A short story for Deal Me In on Valentine’s Day week
  • Poetry Post (hopefully)


Get inspired by checking out the Random Acts of Kindness website, and use #RandomActsofKindnessWeek, #RAKday or #kindnessstartswithone.

Wrapping up My Sunday Scribblings

So, dear reader, have you had a random act of kindness happen to you? Or were you the giver of one? Do let me know. I would love to hear how days are made brighter with RAK everyday.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #24: Life Goes On, As Does Time

  1. So today is Random Acts of Kindness Day? Lovely. I shall do something today in celebration, I think.

    Your photo-a-days are wonderful. Varied. Surprising. Thoughtful. Thanks for sharing them.

    I like your philosophizing, too. Yes, we mustn’t let our lives slip away, unconscious of all that is going on around us. It will be too soon over.

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