Sunday …

For Sunday Whirlings (whirl of words above), Twiglet # 46 (my first attempt, so not sure how I met the prompt),and for UBC as well as Write 31 Days
Still Holding…
’twas the middle of the night,
actually, almost two, alright!!
A light drizzle pitter-pattered
me to sleep….
Soon, dreams milled, chattered,
shared a bit or two of gossip..
You know, I was king of the hill
Wore a ruby-trimmed crown
Sat on my throne until…
….a knock and a pound
they followed each other;
blinded by the light, i woke
muttering to myself, oh brother
something sticky i found, was it yolk?!
But I – was still king of the hill
even if just in my dreams!!
 – Vidya T

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