Super Saturday merges into a Simple Sunday….

While one new superhero was made last week – endearingly so – in the wonderful city by the bay – San Francisco, another superhero bid goodbye – Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar – India’s cricket god retired. Exactly 24 years to the day when he started his career of breaking almost every cricketing record, he played his last innings while a whole nation stopped to watch him and Indians as well as cricketing fans around the world paused and even wept as he left the stadium for the last time.

Batkid’s family wants to pay-it-forward and they have setup the Batkid Fund the proceeds of which will benefit three charities chosen by them including the Make-a-Wish Foundation that made all this possible. Information on this can be found here or by clicking on the Batkid Fund icon on the right.

Being part of a larger group does help and that is what the Clever Girls Collective achieved for Batkid last week. Yay for the good that comes out of social media!


For Saturday Snapshot, 6WS, and dVerse Poetics – Calendar Gals and Guys

glittering lamps bring calm and peace

A new month dawns
Pleiades and the moon
They conjoin…

Rows of oil-lit lamps
Glittering, flickering
As a breeze floats by
Adorn the outside
of our home

The Karthigai month
on our very own calendar
Each passing day
marked by a pair of diyas
Not lonesome as they
sit together on a adorned
log of cherry blossom.

Sweet treats and festive food
on the very first day
Sisters for their brothers, they pray
As the month moves on
The sweet treats are gone
Though the festive moon
it lingers on!

For SY (word: border)  

The moment the poster went up, Bertie gobbled, “Let’s move fast, the border is not too far off. Across the border, they may not eat turkey.”


For Magpie Tales(image – Autumn on the river), Sunday Whirl(Regard lessen create gap gathering suffering however choice undoing cycle habits virtue), and Sunday Scribblings(flight)

As I floated down the water
I regarded the colorful canopy
Up above
A delightful gathering
Of Monarchs! A bird flew by
and off they took to flight
in a burst of oranges and blacks.
Suffering from a massive fall
in numbers that lessen,
 They still migrate
up and down the globe
– part of their annual
life cycle.
Undoing what has been done
That might be tough
However, we still have a choice
To close the gap,
Between bad habits and virtue
the virtue of green habits
do our little part
Create tiny havens
In our backyards.
So they can
Bring joy to our hearts!
I read this article earlier today, that the Monarch almost failed to make an appearance in the Fir Mountains of Central Mexico this year – as the festival of the Day of the Dead dawns each year, the Monarch flies in great numbers. Not this year though – less than half of the numbers from last year straggled in a week later than usual. As researchers and scientists ponder this news, the rest of us have to resolve to leave a better world to our future generations (and as I keep reading, a better future generation also to take care of our wonderful world). 
When I first read this article, I immediately checked to see if the Monarch made its way to our local Monarch haunt at the Santa Cruz Natural Bridges Park.  From numbers ranging between 400000 to 150000 in the 70s and 80s, the numbers now are around 3000 to 5000 – a drastic drop. The only heartwarming thing is we still see them – and having seen them myself – I have to say, they are a welcome sight. I am glad they are still around…







10 thoughts on “Super Saturday merges into a Simple Sunday….

  1. Happy Karthigai Diwali, wish I was there for the food though. Sorry for my luck. Hope the six nymphs 'stars' shine ever so bright. Ever changing astrological calendars, how do they keep up?
    Very interesting . Keeping lamps full of oil is a real job.

  2. I like the "virtue of greens habits" in Monarch Magic. Birds have enough competition between themselves without us making life even more difficult. Even I as an Australian was sad to see Sachin Tendulkar retire, he truly was a worthy ambassador for cricket.

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