Super Saturday – A Super Menu :)

For dVerse Poetics, today, we are writing to the magical surreal artwork of Catrin Welz-Stein

Image courtesy: Catrin Welz-Stein

The ‘ONE’ that Got Away

He stood high up in his own
little world
The same endless waters all
around him
A dreary job was his, indeed – a
lonely life
With a fishing rod instead of a
He cast a line down each day
His catch – well, let us say
He was not what they call a
master baiter
His line cast, he recalled the
days and ways
He had spent to bait the elusive
Then, as now, he had looked the
wrong way
Hoping to catch a mermaid
When a prize catch was lured to
his bait.
He felt a tug (at his heart), he
Saw the missed prize swimming
Took his bait (heart) too, yes,
she did..
Here’s to ‘mistakes make him a
better man’

Ducks, Sailing Races, Scout Meetings etc.

13 thoughts on “Super Saturday – A Super Menu :)

  1. ah smiles..hoping for a mermaid and then facing that bulgy eyed fish…smiles… someone has to tell him that you can't catch a mermaid with a rod and bait…he has to sing for them…smiles

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