For Orange you Glad it’s Friday, here is a photo taken from our moving car en-route to Delhi from Agra. The sun was glorious lighting up the sky in brilliant oranges. 

For Book Beginnings over at Rose City Reader, here is my book beginning

“Nah,” I say about the brunette at the next table. “Isn’t she more your type?” But the truth is, even though Mason is my best friend, I don’t know his type. He doesn’t date – he says it’s just asking for drama. 

For Friday 56 hosted by Freda’s Voice, from the same book
A very large man opens the door and stands there, fitting in the frame like a puzzle piece. I see where the Redneck got his build and, at the same time, I wonder why Eden’s so short. 

These lines are from ‘Fan Art’ by Sarah Tregay. I picked this book up because I loved another book by Sarah – ‘Love and Leftovers’ – a book written in verse. I am hoping I will enjoy this book as well as much as I did the other.
As I continue on my UBC journey, here is hoping I will get the reviews of these books up soon as well.

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