Playing Along with Thursday Thirteen

So, here is my thirteen for Thursday Thirteen as I continue my UBC journey this month.
1. So Much Room in a Mushroom! – You could literally live within mushroom walls – not scifi but reality. A visit to the Tech Museum with my daughter’s class meant lots of fun with lots to learn, and the most interesting thing I discovered was mushroom bricks – the kids spent time in the BioTinkering Lab at the Tech on a worktable (made of the same material!) using molds to make bricks out of – yes, mushrooms, making them a clean, green alternative. The bricks they make are dried out for a week and then baked – they are then ready for use.
2. A quote that caught my eye today – The world is only the size of each man’s head
3.  While I was thinking about what to add for the next 11 points, 13 minutes had passed by!
4. Today’s full moon sighting is called the Wolf Moon! Per the Farmer’s Almanac – ‘Amid the cold and deep snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages. Thus, the name for January’s full Moon. ‘ Here is a picture I took minutes ago – a cloudy sky and the moon high up above me made for an interesting photo

5.  News – not the down in the d(tr)umps kind – More than 40% of California out of drought now
6.  It is festival season across India – Bhogi/Lohri/Makar Sankranti are various festivals celebrated  in different regions.
7. My list of TED Talks to watch and articles to read is growing as long as my TBR list and between all the watching and reading I have to do, I hope I can write as well. (And this does not include all I watch at 10 past Netflix time!). I will put them on my blog as lists along with my reading challenges list and list of memes I love.
8. Love the Baker’s Dozen! A random thought for my Thursday 13!
9. One book I am adding to my TBR is from a list on TED – Required reading around the world – this book is the one from Albania – “Kronikë në gur (1971) by Ismail Kadare – ‘Chronicle in Stone’ in English, this book describes events around World War II in a small Albanian city, and told through the eyes of a child.
10.  Coming up with ideas for a Thirteen post seems easy but when I get down to it, not really! So am going to start working on my idea journal more often. I carry it with me already everywhere so why not actually use it.
11. Today was the day I have walked the most steps in this new year, and it is not yet close to my goal of 10000 steps every day (but I am getting there!)
12.   Got to be an astronaut (not really!) but that is me peeking out of the suit, thanks to technology, a suit hanging up on the ceiling and the Tech Museum!

13. Oh well, I made it to a dozen and that makes me happy

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