The Best Way is Always Through – The three days I skipped!

For dVerse MTB: Banish Boredom:Rx Verbs and Theme Thursday(doubts) as well as for G-Man
Twirl joyful words in the air
Juggle them up there
Spin pirouettes everywhere
Dance sorrows away

Peel the doubts
Throw them out
Embrace fears
Smile through tears

Live life to the fullest
Don’t be cowed
Make each day your best

Remember –
When problems appear
Continue –
For “the best way is always through”
Theme for ABC Wednesday – Games You Can Play
A for Anagrams  – Anagrams are wonderful, aren’t they? I have always enjoyed words (am repeating myself here but it so true). Anagrams have a long history – from Moses through the middle ages to today’s various board and tile games. It has applications too – not just for fun but also in psychology tests, cryptography, and more (remember “Tom Marvolo Riddle”, anyone?)
There are many variations of this game and we can always make up more variations, and our own rules for playing them too.
Here are a few anagrams for you to have fun with (and if you either guessed the answer or want to know, you can let me know in the comments – if you have guessed, then maybe you can send me an email instead):
I’m the best-ever danger.
Duh! they e-smart
It warm knoll.
Candy’s bad, ewe!

7 thoughts on “The Best Way is Always Through – The three days I skipped!

  1. the best way…and the shortest route is always through…i like your use of peel and doubts….makes me think of a bandaid…its gonna hurt to pull off but if you take it slow its gonna hurt more….

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