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The Magic of Moochwala and Musical Mirrors

Today’s letter took me to a couple of different places before I landed where I finally did, on a fictional character once again with the magic of Moochwala and his mysteries!! I will tell you more about him in a bit.

I thought about the famed Mumtaz Mahal: an empress from history, for whom the most beautiful symbol of love ever – the Taj Mahal – was built. But then it would be yet another queen, and I am only half-way through the alphabet still. So it is back to something lighter with a fictional detective (and short-lived at that, for the children’s magazine Target that his comic strips appeared in, stopped publication years ago, and I still can’t understand why) who never failed to make me (and many others in India – years ago) smile!! And like the title says, there is mention of musical stuff and mirrors too.

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The Magic of Moochwala and Mysteries

I grew up reading everything I could, and in a whole crowd of magazines that we received at our home, one of them was mainly for us – the kids. Target was published monthly in English from 1979 to 1995, and featured a mix of reader contributions, stories from regular writers, articles, regular comic strips, and more. Moochwala was one such comic strip – usually a two-page spread – featuring this detective and his dog who were an amazing mystery solving pair!

Mystery books held a special appeal, and while I devoured everything from Blyton’s mystery series (like Famous Five, the Five Find-outers, Secret Seven, and more) and the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drews to Agatha Christie’s books and others, comics were cool! And Moochwala with Pooch, so much fun and dear as well.


Moochwala, the Mystery Solver
Have you heard of Moochwala,
The detective superemo-ooh-la-la!?
With his super-dog Pooch,
he solves mysteries and gets to the truth!
He has a mustache so unique,
even his shadow is worth a peek,
for it makes it a point to display
Moochwala’s mustache in its full array!
But sometimes I do wonder
Are his skills and mustache just noisy thunder
Maybe the mystery solving was all just pure luck

And his mustache? Well, maybe it is stuck!
~ Vidya Tiru @ LadyInReadWrites

thanks to other Target fans

Day 15 Prompts

The NaPoWriMo prompt for day 15 is below:

 Begin by reading June Jordan’s “Notes on the Peanut.” Now, think of a person – real or imagined – who has been held out to you as an example of how to be of live, but who you have always had doubts about. Write a poem that exaggerates the supposedly admirable qualities of the person in a way that exposes your doubts.

The April PAD prompt for day 15 is to write a shadow poem. Some people are afraid of shadows (even their own), but others like to lurk there. There are shadow governments, shadowy characters, and well, just shade (which is super nice in Georgia during the summer).

References and Further Reading

My M Books

Mirror to Mirror

Mirror to Mirror by Rajani LaRocca (Children’s Novel-in-Verse, 8 – 12 years, and up)

Rajani LaRocca, recipient of a Newbery Honor and Walter Award for Red, White, and Whole, is back with an evocative novel in verse about identical twin sisters who do everything together—until external pressures threaten to break them apart.

I loved Rajani LaRocca’s Red, White, and Whole and also a couple of other books by her. And so when I saw this one, I had to read it. LaRocca is an amazing verse novelist, and this book takes readers to a world of music-loving tween twins as well as a peek into life in an Indian-American family. The book is written in alternating chapters from each twin’s perspective, and shows us what they think of each other and themselves, as well as shows us how similar, yet how different they are – from each other as well as from their parents. I am not sure what I loved more here – the story itself, or the storytelling..

Musical Tables

Musical Tables by Billy Collins (Contemporary Poetry)

Inspired by the small poetry of writers as diverse as William Carlos Williams, W.S. Merwin, Kay Ryan, and Charles Simic, and written with Collins’s recognizable wit and wisdom, the poems of Musical Tables show one of our greatest poets channeling his unique voice into a new phase of his exceptional career.

Oh my! These tiny poems are delightful! There is not much else I can say except use synonyms for delightful, and maybe add on that some of these little wonders are coolly contemplative within those few lines, others provoke and lead you to ponder. For example, this poem does all of those with just one line (or maybe it is just a quote!)

The Sociologist by Billy Collins

I wandered lonely as a crowd.

And Now, the End of the Post

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The Magic of Moochwala and Musical Mirrors

5 thoughts on “The Magic of Moochwala and Musical Mirrors

  1. Your article on Moochwala and Musical Mirrors was a delightful read that left me feeling inspired and curious. The vivid descriptions and personal anecdotes really brought the story to life.

  2. Oh I remember him and Target. I used to be like you and devour pretty much everything there was to read around me. I loved all the Enid Blyton mystery series too esp Five Find Outers and a Dog. So happy to meet someone other than me who has read them too 🙂
    The cover of the poetry book is divine and I am going to look that up. I want to buy it just for the cover.

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