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The Wonderful Superpower of Family

It had been a while since we returned to India to spend time with our family. And last month past week, when we finally did so after four long years, it was worth every minute of planning and secrecy. Stepping into the warm and totally surprised (even thrilled) fold of family when we landed at the doorstep without prior announcement or even a whisper of it over innumerable phone calls over the past few months was, like the Mastercard ad, priceless! And it proved to us immediately the wonderful superpower of family.

Family Completes You

Watching my mom-in-law unable to recognize us, or rather unable to believe it was us at the doorstep, was downright heartwarming and simply adorable. And then, seeing my mom’s face light up in joy and then go all weepy in a minute with emotion tugged at my heartstrings in a million ways. We later watched in delight the happy surprise on the faces of my brother, sister-in-law, and my niece as they walked in back from school and work to discover us at home!!

That is when I realized, well reconfirmed to myself, that proximity does matter; that being physically present somewhere is better by measurable degrees. No matter how many conversations we have over the phone, or how many video calls we do with others separated by oceans, when we sit next to them, it is, simply put, wonderful.

So here we are, reveling in the warm fold of family, and enjoying it every bit.

Family Sustains You

Now we are back here in the US and while saying goodbye is hard each time we return, and the trip seems really short no matter whether it was a week or five weeks long (like this time) or even longer (like in some previous visits), we carry with us precious moments encased as memories to treasure forever. Definitely providing me with opportunities to create whole new wonderful family stories for us to enjoy for years to come.

Family is Indeed a Superpower

These past few weeks in the midst of parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, and cousins, as well as so many others who are a part of our and their support systems, made me even more aware of this already reaffirmed fact; that family is indeed a superpower all its own. Knowing we have family to love us, to lean on, or simply be, lends each one of us a strength that we can draw on to do so much, to glow and to be.

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Book Review: Family is a Superpower

Title: Family is a Superpower
Author: Michael Dahl
Illustrator: Omar Lozano
Genre: Children’s Books (4 – 7 years and up): Capstone Editions; (February 1, 2019)

Thanks to Netgalley for the initial digital review copy of the book


BATMAN, SUPERMAN, and WONDER WOMAN have many extraordinary abilities, but their greatest superpower of all? Family! In this new addition to the bestselling DC Super Heroes Picture Book series, the diverse family structures of the World’s Greatest Heroes mirror the lives of real-life children and their equally diverse families. Along with bright, bold illustrations and poetically spare text, award-winning author Michael Dahl (Bedtime for Batman, Good Morning, Superman, and Be a Star, Wonder Woman) makes all families no matter how big or how small, feel SUPER!

My Thoughts

A cute book that uses familiar and beloved superheroes to illustrate how a family is a superpower! Well, really, that is what this book does through each page, and does it so with cool and colorful illustrations (thus making it perfect for a superhero book), as well as depicting diversity and the power of family with warmth so very effortlessly.

This book goes towards It’s Monday, What Are You Reading over at Teach Mentor Texts (after a loooong time).. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will be more actively participating going forward…

And Now, the End of This Post

A post that I started working on weeks ago that is finally making its way out to the world, just as we welcome a new member to our family, in the form of a sweet princess who is by relation, a grand-niece!! (Definitely growing older as this is the umpteenth time we have become grandparents of a sort as our nephews and nieces start off their journeys into parenthood!!)… Once more proving the wonders of family!

3 thoughts on “The Wonderful Superpower of Family

  1. That is wonderful that you were able to see your family. Family is so important. We have been through a tough time because I lost my parents and my inlaws are not a big part of the family either. You are lucky to have a great family, and this book sounds lovely.

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