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Throwback Thursday -13 From Past Thursday 13s

I am sharing snippets from past posts here today, a throwback into Thursdays past on my blog – one selection each from Thirteen Thursday Thirteens for this week’s Thursday 13 

1 From Thursday Memes post,

Humbug Day is Dec 21st. The creators of this day created it to allow people to vent their frustrations. Bah! 

2 From a more recent Thursday Thirteen, where I paid tribute to a great mind

 NASA named one of it’s four ‘Great Observatories’ after him – the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. The other three are the Hubble Space Telescope, the Comptom Gamma Ray Observatory, and the Spitzer Space Telescope.

3 From Memeing Through All Over Once More, where it looks like I went on a poetry-writing frenzy

dVerse – Thank you dVerse for this wonderful community of friends, poets, and for introducing me great new forms of poetry.

4 From the Treasure that is Memories:

Laugh with her – my mom and I had a sort of a mom-daughter laughter club – an impromptu one – and we would find ourselves laughing ourselves silly till our tummies hurt and the males in our family (that is,dad and brother) would pretend not to recognize us (even in our own house) – two ladies who have decidedly lost a few screws up in their heads!!:) – I would love to start this wacky tradition with my daughter and I know she will love it!!

5 From a Teetoliaciously Thursday post

Contribute   (this single word was part of that post – and in the spirit of the season, my contribution – I am hosting a giveaway on my blog starting tomorrow, so look out for it!)

6 From Hiking Trails and Tips,

Spray white vinegar on counter-tops and wipe clean (for keeping off ants)

7 From my Writing Experiments post, which has an interesting title and I enjoyed writing

Orange – derived either from Tamil நாரத்தம் naaraththam orange, நரந்தம் narantham orange, or நாரங்கம் naarangam mandarin-orange, with நாரத்தம் + காய் = நாரத்தங்காய் naaraththangaay in current popular usage

8 From another post:

Educate myself on one new thing – maybe learn something my kids are learning in school

9 From another Teetotaciously Thursday,

Dreaming – I love my dreams – the ones I have when i am asleep and those I have when wide awake! I encourage my kids to dream big too and follow their dreams

10 From Memeing Through Once Again

Cardamom,cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, chilies  – spices!

11 From Poet’s Tree,ashes from the flag

Ashes from a retired American flag – We had a flag retirement ceremony last year at a camping trip for our cub scout pack. One of the families had a flag that had to be retired – when the flag is torn/tattered, then the flag is retired by burning it in a flag retirement ceremony – this was truly something wonderful. We now have ashes from that ceremony which can be scattered, buried, or added to the ashes of another retirement ceremony – for now, we have it as a memento of that occasion.


12 From my second Thursday 13 post

For Share Your Cup my little girl and her littler cousin looked at how to draw videos and came up with this..

13 From a post in January this year

News – not the down in the d(tr)umps kind – More than 40% of California out of drought now


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