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To Soar High On Creativity With Sand Elephants and More

If you need a new mantra or to add one new affirmation in your life, why not ‘Soar High On Creativity’! As I mentioned earlier, I am currently taking a Psychology class. One of the modules focuses on the loss of creativity and curiosity with the current education system. And I sadly and unfortuantely have to agree with it. While we have been lucky that my kids had teachers who encouraged it as much as possible within the bounds of the system, in the end, fostering these inherent characteristics is something we have to take responsibility for at home.

Giving opportunities to explore and learn and make mistakes, finding classes that speak to passions and interests, and understanding that in the creative and curious world, there are no limitations! So we can literally soar high on creativity!

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To Soar High With Creative Books

Both books here are creative in so many ways – the narrative, the illustrations, the joining of both.

The Sand Elephant

The Sand Elephant by Rinna Hermann and illustrations by Sanne Dufft (Illustrator)

Description: In this delightful celebration of the power of childhood imagination, Rinna Herman’s story combines with pictures full of vibrancy and charm by acclaimed illustrator Sanne Dufft. This gentle story reassures children that friends from our imagination stay with us forever, so we need never feel alone.

Source: Edelweiss digital review copy

My Quick Thoughts

This book took me back to my childhood of many summer afternoons of imaginative play with friends and daydreaming all by myself too! I am pretty sure I had some sand elephants and other amazingly quirky creatures as my companions.

While the rhyme that accompanies this journey to imagination seemed like it comes suddenly out of nowhere, it works! It also reminded me of a familiar show my kids loved when they were younger. Some of you might recall the show yourselves. It was called Dragon Tales where a rhyme would transport the kids to DragonLand!

Rinna Hermann’s narrative is fun, imaginative, adventurous, and joyous. Sanne Dufft’s stunning art is playful and whimsical, while capturing and complementing the narrative’s imagination with perfection.


SOAR by Hillary Daecher and art by Angie Hohenadel (Children’s Self-Esteem Books | 5 – 8 years, and up | Schiffer Kids)

Description: Young readers will identify with a nervous but determined hummingbird in this strikingly illustrated, powerful message about overcoming fear and never giving up!

Source: Edelweiss digital review copy

My Quick Thoughts

It is a book where an empowering and tugging-at-heartstrings narrative meets simply stunning and totally unique artwork. A great gift for young ones, parents, and well, everyone! Plus back-matter includes information about hummingbirds and resources.

Then to Soar High With Books to Last a Week!

I completely missed doing the cool six degrees of separation bookish meme. The book that starts it off this month is Time Shelter by Georgi Gospodinov and translated by Angela Rodel. I have not read this book but it sounds utterly fascinating and now it is on my TBR (named Jo whose groans I ignore completely!)

Here is

Time Shelter –> Faint of Heart –> Nervosa –> Fat Chance, Charlie Vega –> The Book of Charlie –> Piece by Piece –> Time Pieces –> Time Shelter

The Pairs

Time Shelter –> Faint of Heart

The link: A world where things were changed to accommodate feelings, in a way.

The Faint of Heart written and illustrated by Kerilynn Wilson (YA Graphic Novels | 13 years and up | Greenwillow Books | June 13, 2023)

Description: What would you do if you were the only person left with a heart? The only person left who felt anything at all? Would you give in to the pressure to conform? Or would you protect your heart at all costs? Part Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and part Severance, this debut teen graphic novel is a vivid and haunting read for fans of Nimona and This One Summer.

My Quick Thoughts: Like I mentioned, I am yet to read Time Shelter but just finished reading Faint of Heart. And oh my, it is, as the description says, full of heart. I am not sure which aspect I admire more – the graphics/illustration, or the storytelling/narrative!! The artwork is stunning and I love the minimal use of colors yet vibrant, pleasant, and dark as the mood shifts. The story is creative,

The Faint of Heart –> Nervosa

The link: Graphic novels; and both dealing with issues

Nervosa by Hayley Gold (Memoir | Street Noise Books | April 4, 2023)

Description: Nervosa is a no-holds-barred, richly textured portrait of one young woman’s experience. In her vividly imagined retelling, Hayley Gold lays bare a callous medical system seemingly disinterested in the very patients it is supposed to treat. And traces how her own life was irrevocably damaged by both the system and her own disorder. With brutal honesty and witty sarcastic humor, Gold offers a remarkably candid exploration of the search for hope in the darkness.  

My Quick Thoughts: A book I am currently reading, and it is engrossing. Needless to say, i might be done with it by the end of the day and want to update this post with a complete review. But until then, I need to say that this is a must-read empowering graphic-novel memoir.

Nervosa –> Fat Chance, Charlie Vega

The link: Issues related to body image and eating

Fat Chance, Charlie Vega by Crystal Maldonado (YA Fiction/Coming of Age Fiction | 14 – 17 years, and up). My short review of the book is here.

Fat Chance, Charlie Vega –> The Book of Charlie

The link: Charlie

The Book of Charlie: Wisdom from the Remarkable American Life of a 109-Year-Old Man by David Von Drehle (Biographies/Happiness).

Description: The Book of Charlie is a gospel of grit—the inspiring story of one man’s journey through a century of upheaval. The history that unfolds through Charlie’s story reminds you that the United States has always been a divided nation, a questing nation, an inventive nation—a nation of Charlies in the rollercoaster pursuit of a good and meaningful life.

My Quick Thoughts: A book I added to my TBR when I first saw it on my Netgalley feed, but only just started reading it. And it is proving to be an inspirational guide to living a wonderful, happy life..

The Book of Charlie –> Piece by Piece

The link: Biography

Piece by Piece: Ernestine’s Gift for President Roosevelt by Lupe Ruiz-Flores with illustrations by Anna López Real (Children’s Biographies | 5 – 9 years, and up).

Description: During the Great Depression, Ernestine Guerrero’s family had little, but they received government food aid in San Antonio, Texas. Grateful for the support, the Mexican American teen crafted a woodworking project and sent it to President Roosevelt as a personal thank-you gesture.

My Quick Thoughts: Once again, the reason why I cherish and love reading picture book biographies! I have discovered and learned of so many people, and Ernestine is a delightful and inspirational discovery!!

Piece by Piece –> Time Pieces

Time Pieces: The Book of Times by Virginia Hamilton

The link: Piece in the title

Description: Newbery Medalist Virginia Hamilton presents a novella that brings together the slave past and multi-generational present life of a young girl in Ohio. From picking berries with her cousins to surviving a tornado to being dissed by a white, bigoted teacher, the daily life of Valena is drawn here with quiet dignity. Time Pieces are places in time, including chapters moving back to Hamilton’s autobiographical family story of her grandfather’s escape from slavery in Virginia, when he was brought to Ohio by his mother, a native American. A strong work of fiction from a master storyteller.

My Current Thoughts: Another WIP read. I have read a few of Hamilton’s books before and enjoyed them. This one is proving to be no different. It reminded me a little bit of Calpurnia Tate. History, racism, family, lazy summer days, all are coming together to be weaved into an amazing story here!!

Time Pieces –> Time Shelter

The link: Time in the title

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, have you read any of these books? I would love to hear your thoughts on them if you have read them. if not, which one would you pick first? And, 👍🏻, as always, your recommendations for similar reads are always welcome.

10 thoughts on “To Soar High On Creativity With Sand Elephants and More

  1. I love how you emphasize the importance of fostering creativity and curiosity in children and provide valuable book recommendations that reflect these themes. Your writing style is engaging, and the personal touch in your quick thoughts adds warmth to the post. Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. I need the book SOAR for me and my son, we can have a little bit more of self-esteem now. Being artists at home, we see to it that we create when we can, but it’s not as easy as when the kids were younger- too many things going on. :/

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