Top 10 List – Why I was not blogging..

I had said a long good bye to my blog – since the 1st of March this year – and now it is time to return.. The past few months flew by as I told myself each day that I would get back to blogging. My reasons for not blogging were varied and many, some very valid and others, well, obviously not reasons at all, just plain old ‘dog-ate-my-homework’ brand excuses. In typical late night show fashion, I decided to come up with a top 10 list of all my valid reasons and my excuses and here they are:
# 10. This is the most basic excuse of all – no time to do this and many of the other items on the list will help # 10 out a whole lot…so # 10 sends out thanks to #s 9,8,7,6,5,3,2,1!
# 9. I am a working mom, right!
# 8. Maybe this should go higher on the list, but I am putting it at # 8 because I don’t want to forget about it as I go up the list – e-books – seriously, are they a bane or a boon? I am not sure,  the ease of having them ready to read on my e-device(in my case, is nothing fancier than my laptop) seems like a boon..I can read while I wait for something to download or while the kids watch Arthur and want me to ‘watch’ with them. But having it right there – well, I end up reading while I am doing other things as well (cooking and waiting for the microwave to beep, and so on)
# 7. Regular printed books – well, these are books I put on hold at the library months ago and finally got them so I have got to read them, haven’t I? And I have to read them after I am done with the things that are the other #s on my list
# 6. Getting the kids to eat – now, this is actually a valid excuse (please note I say valid excuse and not a valid reason, unlike #s 3 and 4) – there are days when I decide that what our pediatrician says is right (and he after all knows what he is saying) – the kids will eat when they are hungry, so don’t worry – and I mentally listen to his words and follow them for about, 15 seconds… And then, mommy me comes to surface – and I am at their beck and call (actually at their back and keep calling out to them) – to get them to finish their meal.
# 5. The joys of online shopping! (not that I buy a lot and I was not normally a window shopper but have learnt to love window shopping online)
# 4. Another valid reason – I was away for 6 weeks in March/April this year in India with mom and dad when dad had to undergo a brain surgery (which was an almost overnight decision) when an aneurysm was discovered. The 9 hours we waited in the waiting room outside the operating theatre were among the longest hours ever and now the past six months have flown by while dad has recovered ! and is enjoying playing games on FB and resuming all his normal activities…
# 3. Before I give my top two excuses, here is one more (for me) valid reason – wanting to be involved in my  kid’s school activities – so I am den leader for my son’s cub scout den, am the room parent for my daughter’s  class, volunteer at art docent classes at school and so on…
# 2. I have lots of other things to do. I can make up another top 10 (maybe top 20) list for this, but that can be for another post!
# 1. Excuse or reason – sheer laziness to blog.. you decide..

So now, I have finally run out of excuses, and hopefully, the laziness is on its way out too, and I am back to blogging.


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  1. thank you Elizabeth.. Yes, the first few days when he was recovering in the hospital were tough but I remember that the day he wanted to walk and take a few steps (just about five steps) was a wonderful day..

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