Traveling While Rooted In Earthquake Country

Mind Maps, Distraction Blockers, Time Rescuers, Schedule Makers – all of these are out there waiting to help me, to keep me focused on my tasks and today I made another mindful promise to myself – to actually use them. Thanks to Kelly Kautz, I discovered some cool tools and have started off with downloading one of them at this time and hope this helps me focus better at finishing my scheduled tasks when I actually need to be done with them.

What happens when I login to my laptop? (which is why I need tools to help me manage time!)
1 Googled for blogging schedules to find Kelly’s blog from earlier 
2 This lead me to her current blog
3 In turn led to other related posts and blogs
4 Wait, I need to look for something on Amazon
5 Well….there my time goes
and where is my post?

So I traveled while still rooted to my couch. But had not actually written anything yet. Well, tomorrow is another day and I hope to work to complete all my scheduled tasks, ON TIME, and have a little more done too.  I have my schedule ready for the week and thinking of some minor and Major changes for the blog in the coming days, so stay tuned everyone!

And I stayed rooted without even having noticed that we had a 4.1 magnitude earthquake hit our area in the Calaveras fault just a few miles away from home.

4 thoughts on “Traveling While Rooted In Earthquake Country

  1. I was very disciplined yesterday. I had to be, since I'll be gone all day tomorrow and have a post for a blog I contribute to due Wednesday. So I wrote three posts for the challenge yesterday to schedule ahead and have the rough draft of my post for Review This! done today. The hardest part of that was deciding what to write about. One of our contributors just died of cancer and the rest of us are still grieving. So like two others this week, I wrote about getting through grief. I've certainly had enough experience with it.

  2. I need to get more organised and plan stuff. I keep saying I will once I have got through the current priority…but I never do. I am getting to the point where I seriously need to though before I make a mess of trying to give up the day job ☺️

  3. I do great at making the plans, terrible at implementing them. Your list sounds like mine… one blog leads to another and on and on… and then the day is over and I've got nothing done. Getting better now that I've started using a kanban board… seeing the tasks in front of me guilts me into working on them. 🙂

  4. After a full day at work, I come home to my couch office. Sometimes I get right to my blogging and earning sites, other times I need a push start. I'll have to check out Kelly's cool tools!

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