Magic Mondays – Shakespeare, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Musings

As I continue my October writing journey with UBC and Write 31 days, here are my Monday Musings..

For Blue Monday, here is a photo I captured a couple of months ago while at the beach in the beautiful quaint town of Carmel-By-The-Sea. And yes, they are perfectly safe in that sailboat (in case you are wondering!). Carmel is a treasure, one among many quaint towns along the California coast and one that makes us feel we sure are lucky to be living where we are, with all these gems scattered just a hop, skip, and drive away.
We have walked the streets of Carmel (rather randomly, I must say) and spent time on the really unbelievably soft sand here at the beach, but I realize I have never really been a tourist there and to check off on one of the 52 items on my list, I think I should plan to be a tourist in this town (though not where we live, is still close enough) and explore it in-depth soon. I learned that in order to maintain an old-world village feel and not to let Carmel get citified, there are no street addresses, just like when the early artists built and named the houses instead of numbering them. So if you want to get somewhere, well, it is the house named ‘Hansel’ or the 5th house South West of this intersection…:) and they have a great live theater that we are yet to watch plays in (Shakespeare, anyone?) which brings me to my next part in my post below (After the photo)

For Musing Monday and for It’s Monday, What are you Reading?. I am currently reading a book (one among the many I am reading) titled ‘Tower of the Five Orders: The Shakespeare Mysteries, Book 2’ by Deron R. Hicks. This was a book my DD picked up at the library on our last visit (or did I pick it up for her?:)). Anyways, I started reading it now and it is great reading so far – and the reference to Shakespeare earlier – this book is all about the bard! A middle-grade mystery book and Shakespeare – that is just a wonderful combination that I find I am enjoying so far. 

This is a sequel and I wish I had known that earlier but I cannot stop reading this one now so will catch up with book one later (called ‘Secrets of Shakespeare’s Grave’).  Review to come soon in a future Magic Monday post.

9 thoughts on “Magic Mondays – Shakespeare, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Musings

  1. The Shakespeare books sound interesting. As for Carmel, I've had a few magic moments there. We own a rental house in Carmel Valley where my in-laws used to live, but since it's normally rented we no longer get to stay in the area for long unless we are between tenants. Of course, the house is unfurnished then, and we're a bit too old for sleeping on the floor these days. We'd not be able to get back up. All our rental houses are a two to three hour drive, but we're so busy when we get to them there's no time to go enjoy being where we are.

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