Treasure Trove Thursday – My very own treasure box

I got my first Influenster
VoxBox a few weeks ago and it was like opening a treasure box of my very
own. This post is long overdue and offers a look into the treasures it
contained and what I thought about them (actually, not just me but all in my

What it contained:

  • belVita Breakfast Biscuits – These biscuits are all I ask
    for in a great snack – tasty, healthy, sustaining, and convenient – they are
    perfect with a morning cup of chai or for anytime on the go – just pop the
    packet into your purse and you are prepared for any energy-drop during the day.
     Biscuits help my snack-cravings normally
    and these fit my needs perfectly. One example – it is 3:00 pm and I see an email in my inbox
    asking to complete some task ASAP (as always) and I realize I am totally hungry
    and need energy to even start on this – the answer – a quick snack – a few nuts
    and for my taste cravings, some belVita – helped.
  • Colgate Optic White Regimen (Toothpaste, Toothbrush and
    Mouthwash) –  Whiter teeth and fresher
    breath – who would not want this? And this regimen promises it. I do see whiter
    teeth all around the faces at home since we started using it. The toothbrush
    was grabbed by DH the moment he saw it and he loves it so I know the next set
    of new toothbrushes will be these ones. I have never been a fan of mouthwash
    since it is just overwhelming – the taste and the feel. But this one is
    refreshing – I actually felt comfortable using it and felt great afterwards. So
    a definite yes to the Optic White family from our family!
  • Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes –
    These are wonderful – the first time I used them I had been feeling exhausted
    as well and grimy because it had been windy outside and a short walk had meant
    lots of dust all around settling on my face too. I recalled I had to yet try
    these out and used my first towelette and this totally refreshed and
    rejuvenated me. Definitely recommend this.
  • Nectresse – just a little #NECTRESSE makes my cuppa
    chai a whole lot sweeter, seriously. And the taste is distinct yet wonderful. I
    have been using Nectresse with my desserts too – both Indian desserts like
    kheer and for baking the coffeecakes my little ones love.  This is indeed a great substitute and one of
    the first I actually like. I am certainly going to have this around at home.
  • Vaseline Spray and Go Total Moisturizer – I, of course, get
    a ton of giggles from the kids as i spray them with this after their shower. My
    daughter, especially, loves this and I think, has single handedly emptied the
    canister. I love the smell and the feel of this moisturizer but am not
    personally a fan of anything that I spray from a can – I prefer the
    moisturizers I can squirt onto my palm or take a little off from a bottle with
    my fingers.  So while my little ones are
    sure to clamor for more, I think this one will not make an appearance at home.

So, all in all – smoother skin on the go, sweeter mornings,
dazzling smiles, fresher mouths! Thank you, Influenster, for a great
SugarNSpice Box.

Disclaimer:  I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

For  Alphabe Thursday – Letter W,Theme Thursday – Intoxicate, dVerse form for all(sijo)
 Nature’s Wonders
Awed, intoxicated, totally humbled

The wonders of the natural world, they never cease to amaze

Wow! Beautiful! Amazing! These words seem less..
For Thursday 13, Alphabe Thursday – Letter W, dVerse form for all(a trio of sijo)
Wonderful Things
Water when you are thirsty, Fresh
clean air to energize you (things 1 and 2)

The paintings in the sky to inspire, bird songs to dance to
(things 3 and 4)

Mother Nature’s gifts seem endless; let us keep it that way,
me and you!

A child’s laughter to bring a smile, Childhood games to
enthuse you (things 5 and 6)

A little one’s hands that gently, so sweetly soothe away
your pains (thing 7)

Oh it is truly said and well, children are a bridge to

A father’s advice, a mother’s love, a sibling’s shoulder to
lean on (things 8, 9 and 10)

A wife’s wise words to always heed, little ones to bring joy
and cheer (things 11 and 12)

It’s true, A happy family is but an earlier heaven (thing
 Other alternates to line two above
  • A wife’s wise words to
    always heed, she is always right, you see
  • A partner’s steady presence,
    sure, always there, in times thick and thin


5 thoughts on “Treasure Trove Thursday – My very own treasure box

  1. Yes, nothing is more intoxicating then "Nature's Wonders". Man made wonders are nice to see and visit but I think nature definitely intoxicates us with her beauty each and every day.

    I like what you got in your package and will have to check out the sweetener and see if that helps curb my sweet tooth.

    Thank you for sharing this with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope your weekend is filled with happy children and also peace and quiet.

    God bless.

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